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Phone: (0274) 837 188
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Minimise EMF

Wireless radiation or radio frequency radiation is emitted from all wireless devices. From cell phones to Wi-Fi, computers, TV transmitters and cell phone towers. This is also known as EMF (electromagnetic fields).

Remember the body responds to the strongest influence nearest the body. We want to make sure that the Blushield is the strongest influence so the body can respond only to it and not some very powerful EMF from some electronic device that you may happen to have near you or sleep with.

Sources of EMFs

  • Alarm clocks
  • Spring mattresses
  • Nearby appliances – even when switched off!
  • Sleeping with mobile phone
  • Smart electricity meters
  • WiFi routers

EMF adverse symptoms

Within seconds the body at a cellular level recognizes the need to protect itself from attack. Unfortunately the protein coating on each cell cannot recognize EMF as our body did not evolve to recognize this unnatural signal.

As a result we may experience symptoms such as:


As not all people are the same, each person may experience different symptoms with different levels of exposure. Some symptoms may not be related to EMF exposure so we must be sure to find out by experimenting a little. If you are in doubt about any symptoms please see your health professional for advice.

The Blushield Ranges

Through the extraordinary life-changing discoveries of Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, we now know that Nature uses scalar waves to constantly send us life-supporting frequencies to enable us to survive, reproduce, repair, and heal.

Today we are exposed all day and all night to human-made artificial chaotic frequencies from radio waves, microwaves, and millimeter waves from our modern-day EMF technologies. Even if you do not have obvious symptoms today, EMF is affecting all of us as exposure is cumulative. Avoiding going over your personal EMF tipping point is

To assist us to function and thrive how we were meant to, as Nature would only use the best technology, Blushield also uses scalar waves with life-supporting frequencies, gently placing us in a coherent field.

At Holden HealthCare, we have used Blushield products for over 15 years and are delighted with their performance.

Ultimate Series

These advanced products cater for a variety of EMF power, from low to very high. There are units for the home or office, portables, pendants, and watches.

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Get a 5% discount off these products by entering the coupon code HHC when you purchase!

Home Series

This is the economy and personal range, or where the EMF in the environment is lower.

Get a 5% discount off these products by entering the coupon code HHC when you purchase!

We have Fee Funders options for spreading payment of selected packages and equipment. Contact us for further details.

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