Phone: (09) 282 3588
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Phone: (09) 282 3588
Open: Tues-Fri 10am-6pm

Susanne Morning – Energy Healer

Described as a medical intuitive, Susanne scans bodies and receives information as to the nature of issues within the body and the complete being. She utilizes a variety of techniques within the healing process, according to the client’s priorities and their highest good.

Her range of formal skills includes Kinesiology and Touch for Health, Harmony Healing, and Coaching.

Says Susanne:

My spiritual work philosophy aligns with that of the work of Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr Joe Dispenza. I have also been inspired by the work of Edgar Cayce.

I work wholistically around any physical, emotional and spiritual issues. If you feel stuck, or are experiencing pain at any of these levels a session can be uplifting, healing and can provide guidance.

Sessions are usually an hour and a half (allow up to 2 hours) and include two follow-ups of 15 minutes each. Sessions cost NZ$120.

Feel free to text or call me on the phone below, for a free 10 minute pre-consultation chat.

Phone: 64 273366988 or messenger “Susanne Morning”.


When Susanne started working on me, it was evident that she has a natural gift. She was able to work on the higher planes and identify where the discordance in my energy field was located. She could also tell which part of my physical and emotional bodies were affected, and what measures to take. With a combination of light language and toning, she was able to alleviate the dissonance and I felt the process of repair and healing taking place. Susanne is a gifted and genuine healer. I feel confident in recommending her to anyone considering her services.

Jonathan Quintin

Nervous? Sceptical? Cynical? Yes Yes, and Yes, I had all of this going on before I had my reading with Susanne. It was relaxing, invigorating, informative, intuitive, inspirational, insightful and incisive. Have I left any in’s out?… oh yeah, me. I’m in! Susanne was accurate, extremely sensitive, and uncanny with her observations. I could literally sense her hands moving over my body when she did the initial scan, and when she spoke to me later about what she sensed I was a bit stunned by how accurate she really was. Without giving too much away in relation to the details of my reading, Susanne actually knew who I was, where I had come from, and what I need to do to get where I’m going. Thank you Susanne, I look forward to the next reading 😊

Richard Pridmore

I found Susanne’s reading to be 100% accurate. She is warm and compassionate and I recommend her to anyone who wants some clarity and direction in their lives. Thank you Susanne 💕

Robyn Eva Mackenzie

I saw Susanne for a reading and she was extremely accurate about what was currently happening for me and what has happened for me. She then explained what she could see coming up for me along with some tips and advice on how best to manage myself and my health. What she told me was very helpful and relatable and her approach was very positive. Susanne also gave me a healing. The reading was very affirming and insightful and I am grateful. Thank you Susanne. xo

Wendy Athene

I feel confident in recommending Susanne.The things Susanne was able to say to me was not only 100% accurate but extremely helpful towards my healing.For example, she was able to locate and help aleviate pain I had from broken ribs from a recent car accident and helped a lot with some nutritional advice. I have had several distance healings and feel heard, cared for and comforted, not to mention physically healed.Susanne is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her if you are looking for some help in holistic healing.

Denise Butler

Susanne is very thorough and went quite deep. What she told me was deeply valuable and comprehensive. I am looking forward to what will unfold over the coming days and weeks. It feel like it is my time and big thanks to Susanne for playing a significant role at this step in my journey…

Rob Vickery
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