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Deven P Sharma

Deven Sharma Integrative MedicineMD, MD (AM), Diploma in Pharmacology, FRSPH, FCLM, and FCIS

Integrative Natural Medicine Practitioner

​Specialising in:

  • Cardiometabolic Cases
  • Diabesity Cases
  • Stress Issues
  • Lifestyle Issues and Nutritional matters
  • Hemaview Screening
  • Oligoscan Testing


Deven holds a Doctor of Medicine* and a Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines and is a Registered Advanced Natural Medicine Practitioner.  A Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine & received specialized echocardiography training with the Medical University of Vienna.

Deven firmly believes in a holistic and integrated approach to health and all around wellness and therefore advocates treatments which are evidence based and natural in their roots. The best steps are the ones which are targeted at preventing illness and maintaining wellness in those precious “golden years” for great quality of life. With advances in modern science the treatments need to be precise to cover all elements of a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing.  Precision medicine is Deven’s mantra going forward with the treatment of his patients.

dr deven sharma test


As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, Deven has a firm commitment to addressing the ever increasing problem of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) in New Zealand using all avenues of public education , awareness and advocacy amongst a myriad of other tools to highlight the problems associated with suboptimal lifestyle choices .These  contribute  to more serious health problems later in life. He has participated in the “cost of sugar” forums and readily available to run seminars and educate clients on lifestyle health issues and draw the link to major health conditions which stem from wrong lifestyle choices.

Deven P Sharma is not  registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand ( MCNZ) as a medical practitioner in New Zealand. He is registered as an Advanced Natural Medicine Practitioner with Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand (NHPNZ) and holds a current ceritificate of practice with NHPNZ.


For further information or to book a consultation with Deven Sharma, call our Clinic Manager on (09) 282 3588 or email us.

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