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Tyrone Penning Acupuncture

Tyrone Penning Acupuncturist

Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Qigong Teacher

  • Education, Advice and Therapy
  • Specialising in Acupuncture, Manual Therapies, and Qigong
  • Treating Complex Internal, Musculo-skeletal, and Painful Conditions
  • Breathing and meditation techniques for physical and mental health            that anyone can do
  • Reduce Inflammation & Pain, promote Digestion, and Organ Function         to restore health from the inside out

Gain a new perspective from a grounded approach to health, with tried and true wisdom that has stood the test of time. Methods passed down through hundreds of generations of natural doctors spanning more than 2000 years from the East to the West, now available to you.

Safe and effective therapies specific to the individual, including acupuncture, tuina, and many related techniques naturally balance meridians, promote circulation and organ function. Learn traditional self-healing techniques, including qigong and meditation that are practiced by millions all over the world, from China to the USA.


tyrone penning treatment


Trained at the school of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, with special interest in the practice of naturalistic philosophy: Living the lifestyle which is conducive to health and wellbeing through aligning with natural principles and finding balance in every aspect of life.

You want a therapist who practices what they preach, so look no further!


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