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Phone: (0274) 837 188
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Naturopathy in Auckland

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy or Natural Medicine is the science and art of using nature-care methods to improve health and to stimulate the natural healing of the body without the use of harsh synthetic chemicals, drugs or pharmaceuticals. It’s focus is on educating the patient to use diet, herbal medicines, lifestyle factors like exercise, meditation and a wide range of “super” and functional foods and supplements to augment and enhance the bodies natural defences. Holden HealthCare in Auckland offers highly experienced and skilled naturopaths to help you regain and optimise great health.

Modern Natural Medicine also focuses on detecting xenobiotic toxins (solvents, heavy metals, plastics, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, synthetic chemicals) from over 200 years of industrialization, as well as detecting the MRF (Molecular Resonant Frequency) of a wide variety of parasites (bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms, spirochetes, protozoans, etc) using high tech equipment to reliably identify, then detox them out of the human body safely and effectively. With both xenobiotics and parasites, making sure the environment is cleaned up via healthier diet and lifestyle with hygiene prevention techniques to not only remove them but to stop or at least reduce exposure repeatedly to avoid future health issues.

To do this several analytical tools are used to test and measure and make sure once detected the xenobiotics or parasites are removed and preventative methods are employed to reduce the chances of repeated exposure. If exposure is inevitable, if living in an industrial area with repeated exposure or contact with infected animals then the use of a wide range of nutrients, dietary supplements, herbal medicines and functional foods are used to enhance excretion and immunity of the person being advised.

What can Naturopathy help?

Natural Medicine may help enhance a wide variety of human conditions. The ones most responsive are gastro-intestinal disorders and symptoms, hormonal irregularities, stress, anxiety and depressed mood, fatigue and tiredness as well as a wide range of immune disorders including cancers.

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What tests are used?

At Holden Health our two specialist Senior Naturopaths, David Holden and Marianne Stobie, with between them over 55 years clinic experience, use a wide range of technologies to detect imbalances and issues mentioned above. David uses the Antioxidant Scanner, the Vitality-Longevity-AntiAging (VLA) and Hemaview Live Blood Tests, as well as medical blood tests; and Marianne specialises in the QXCI Quantum Scanner technology and reports.

David also uses a wide range of Biochemical Questionnaires (The HAQ, Mood & Stress, Medical History and Diet, Thyroid and Endocrine) to further refine areas that need attention like Adrenal or Thyroid imbalances often missed medically that may drive many health issues and concerns for many people.

Find out more about our health assessments here

hemaview live blood test

How does it work?

One of the most common problems we encounter is fatigue and tiredness. With the above technology we can identify what is driving these complaints in most cases and correct them with a wide range of Natural Medicine tools that help correct issues usually at the source. Sub optimal levels of nutrients above the RDA’s may still cause wellness concerns, as well as accumulations of the above mentioned xenobiotic toxins, as many of these are either not acknowledged or detected using convention medicine to the degree that we find effective.

How many times have you heard doctors say we cant find anything wrong with you, all your levels are within the normal range? Often its because areas aren’t being looked at or acknowledged like the above, and the technology and our experience we use helps us detect what areas may need attention so we can help, especially those who are not getting any results for whatever reason, react to or don’t want to use medical drugs, and want alternatives that are safe and lack significant side effects.

We do not and cannot make claims of cure or to treat medically diagnosed diseases as this is illegal in NZ. What we can do is offer an alternative approach and methodology that has helped many people over the years get their lives back on track safely and gently over time.

Please note that there is no guarantee of results; and results may vary from case to case.

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Client Testimonials

*”When I had my first consult with Holden HealthCare I had no stomach to face work due to low energy, and high stress.  I was given a program to follow which included a balanced diet, exercise, and supplements to compliment these changes.  I am happy to say my blood pressure has come down, I feel much better as my energy levels have improved, and my stress levels have decreased so I am sleeping better as well.  I have more mental clarity and I feel ready to face work.  I even have more muscles. When I visited my Dr recently to check bloods for cholesterol and my heart, he said “What are you doing to gain such improvements in your health?” I told him I am exercising and have improved my diet. Thank you Holden Health for helping me to achieve better health.” – Peniamina Tofa

*”I came to Holden Health Care initially as I was keen to find natural ways to deal with my health.  The results have been pretty good and the Practitioners and staff have been very helpful.” – Paul B  Age:60

*”I got significant help with 3 specific health problems that resolved with great advice from David Holden. My acid reflux went and hasn’t come back as well as sleeping much better. A great side benefit was more energy that has remained so i cant recommend his services more highly. I was delighted, many thanks David.” – HN male aged 31

*”David helped me when i was diagnosed with IBS and gut problems. I am so grateful to be feeling so much better since following his advice. My doctor told me I would just have to live with it but with the correct advice I proved him wrong.” – JB female aged 46

*”I saw David with low energy, irritability and other symptoms of the menopause. I was getting very frustrated as was my husband but after 2-3 months of herbal medicines and dietary supplements I was surprised how much i improved. I would recommend any one suffering from the same go ask for help as it worked! Thank you I feel I have my life back!” – AS female aged 54

Contact us now to discuss the most effective options for your needs.

* Disclaimer: Please note that specific results are not guaranteed, and may vary from case to case.

We have Fee Funders options for spreading payment of selected packages and equipment. Contact us for further details.

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