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Natural Cancer Support


Cancer Treatment Support

David Holden and his highly qualified health team have developed significant resources to naturally help cancer patients with personalized detox programs to dovetail with orthodox treatments. They provide complementary options to reduce side effects of chemo- and radio-therapy, and to speed up recovery from cancer surgery. David coordinates a team of natural health specialists who will provide a comprehensive program to support you on all levels of your being.

David Holden actively works in collaboration with oncologists, and has a good understanding of the medical oncology process; thus ensuring a program that significantly improves outcomes. As creator and organiser of the Holistic Cancer Congresses 2012/2013, he has a passion for the helping people with cancer in the most effective ways.

Types of cancer patients

Holden HealthCare’s Natural Cancer Support works with 3 types of Cancer Patients:

1. Those who want to combine the best of medical cancer treatments (surgery / radiation / chemo) with the best that Natural Medicine & Naturopathic Oncology can offer, that is not available via your Medical Oncologist.

2. Those who cannot or do not want to use conventional medical treatments for medical reasons or for personal informed choice, and want to find out what other options they have.*

3. Those who have already undergone or are in the process of undergoing conventional medical treatments and want help with side effects, quality of life issues or to extend life if they have been given a poor prognosis medically.

Modern research shows that patients that combine both systems get better longer term results, get significant reductions in side effects from medical treatments, have better quality of life when combining the best of both, and life can often be extended beyond medical predictions in many cases – sometimes significantly. The key is, all cancer patients will benefit by having a frank discussion about what other options are out there, what are evidence-based and which ones are the most likely to help in individual cases.

*It is illegal to make claims of cure for any non medical therapy for cancer or any other medically diagnosed disease for that matter. We do not make such claims at all. 

Our Natural Cancer Support process

What we can offer is a frank independent assessment of other options that may and often do improve quality of life, reduce the effects of the cancer being medically treated, and as a result may improve and extend life in many cases. We do this by looking at an integrative approach to diet, hi-tech specific supplementation that is known to switch off genetic expression of many cancers at source, as well as treat underlying causes of cancer, inflammation, depression, low immunity, etc. etc.

Your case is analyzed in depth using high-tech equipment (see assessments section). Specific testing is done in the initial consultation so we can measure your base readings and watch how they change, and adjust your Natural Cancer Support Plan accordingly. These tests include an analysis of four detailed questionnaires sent out to fill in before your initial session, a Laser Antioxidant Scan, a Vitality-Longevity-AntiAging (VLA) test, a Hemaview Live Blood Analysis, and medical blood testing for specific immune modifiers to enhance immune recovery after a diagnosis of cancer. These are all covered in detail in the initial Naturopathic Oncology session with David Holden.

Many patients are overwhelmed when they get their diagnosis and are not given any alternatives to the conventional medical treatments offered, despite there being many therapies that can help with all of the above. The issue is nearly all Medical Oncologists in NZ are not trained in them so don’t know they exist. These include specific diet, lifestyle, supplementation, herbal medicine, specific detoxification (especially after chemo & radiotherapy treatments); so once the medical treatments have done their job we can detox the cytotoxic chemicals out of your tissues enabling patients to recover much faster than normally.

If you have specific queries, these are all covered in your Initial Naturopathic Oncology consultations.

Contact us now to discuss the most effective options for your needs.


Client Testimonials

*”I originally heard about David Holden from clients that I saw as a locum in [xxx], NZ.
These people were coming in and had beaten cancer! I asked what they were doing and described David’s processes and had to see for myself. So I made the effort to Holden Healthcare to see David, and dragged my wife along as well… My initial consult was an eye opener to say the least! Made me completely aware of all the inadequacies in my diet and hydration. The Hemaview process really gave me a great base line to start from… I have really felt the benefits of going through these processes and making necessary modifications along the way! A massive heartfelt thank you to Holden healthcare for doing what you do so well! Cannot recommend highly enough!” – BA, male

*”When I was diagnosed with breast cancer DCIS stage 2 I had all the standard medical treatments, but it took a lot out of me. David helped me to flush out my system and get my lifestyle back on track just after I had finished chemo & radiotherapy. I am convinced this helped me bounce back faster than many other women I spoke to at Oncology that had been through similar experiences. I strongly recommend his help if you want sound advice on what to do to recover faster if you are in a similar situation. Thanks David & your team – very helpful” – JB, female aged 63


Client testimonial video (16 mins 27secs)*


More Testimonials

*Pauline – diagnosed with mesothelioma (lung cancer) in 2012
“I am 5 years down the track now since my dire prognosis… I thought I’d be pushing up daisies pretty smartly; and I’m doing really, really well with the ongoing support of David. I’ve got the best team on board, and with that, I’m feeling great. You’ve got to do everything possible to stay alive, and positive thinking is a huge, huge part of it. My oncologist says everything I’m doing with David, keep doing it, because its working. He’s astonished: the last scan… showed there’s no increase in fluid, my breathing is great, and he just said its remarkable how well I’m doing. I know that at times my body needs the chemo, but the support of complementary health is fantastic – and I’m the healthiest of anybody I know, I think!”
*Jude – diagnosed with metastatic bowel cancer in 2016
“I was put on palliative care, and I sought you out. I felt like I was on an escalator and had no say, it was a little bit disempowering. But you listen, you want to know what I want out of it, and you are committed to making sure that happens. I think my cancer is something that needs to be managed, and what I have got out of coming here is I can manage it with the choices I make. My last CT scan* showed a 50% reduction in the lung and liver tumours, which was awesome to hear. My magic number is 88, that’s what age I plan to get to!” 
*(A CT scan is a medical test. We do not conduct medical tests.)
*Laurie – diagnosed with Stage 3 prostate cancer in January 2017
“The doctors were telling us there is no cure for what I’ve got. Early in the process I felt that there had to be a more natural way of dealing with my cancer, so we did a bit of searching on the Net, and found you, and made an appointment to come and see you. From then on, I think my life has changed – certainly for the better! My energy levels are exceedingly good compared to pre-diagnosis. I go to the gym, I do my workouts, I feel pretty good! I bound up the stairs at home much better than I used to! I had a scan six or eight weeks ago that showed no progression of my cancer, which I think is a pretty good sign considering I’m doing no other treatments than the natural way. I’m not symptom free, but I certainly feel I’m in a better position right now having not done some of the other more aggressive therapies. I think I’m blessed…that I’ve had this treatment that I’m following, and I’m going to continue as long as I can.”

Watch the videos*:





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* Disclaimer: Please note that specific results are not guaranteed, and may vary from case to case.

We have Fee Funders options for spreading payment of selected packages and equipment. Contact us for further details.

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