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November 13, 2018
Looking after your Liver Health in Springtime

Liver health in Spring In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seasons are each associated with a particular organ system, and the Liver is the organ of Spring.  We tend to feel quieter and less active during the winter months but with the arrival of spring we should begin to feel re-energised and more alive. Healthy liver […]

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June 28, 2018
How to Boost your Natural Immune System to avoid Colds & Flus

Give your kids and family the protection you need this winter How to Boost your Natural Immune System to avoid Colds & Flus I have mentioned in previous e-letters and blogs that boosting your natural immune system function is a key component of health and disease prevention, and this is particularly true during the winter […]

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March 5, 2018
The Weight is Over! How to lose 5kg of fat in 6 weeks

By David Holden, Naturopath & BioChemist Yes its that time of year when Christmas and the New Year is a distant memory and when we look down – oops! Its time to set the wheels in motion to do a weight loss plan that will not only get rid of excess fat round your middle, […]

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February 1, 2018
Making the most of time off work! (Aka, take the foot off the pedal & relax)

Aah, the holidays –  after Christmas & New Year, some of us have enjoyed Auckland Anniversary weekend, and those of us in New Zealand have Waitangi Day off to look forward to on 6th February. Even if we don’t go away on holiday, we can still enjoy a “staycation”. It is a good opportunity to […]

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November 10, 2017
DNA Genetic Profile Testing with Marion Stobie

I am proud to announce I now qualified to perform DNA Genetic Profile Testing! This is a cutting-edge science that can reveal a lot about your potential health and future well-being. What are my chances of developing Heart Disease? What is my caffeine tolerance? Do I have the “Fatty” or “Anxiety” gene and what flips […]

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November 8, 2017
How to beat the stress of the silly season!

By David Holden, Senior Naturopath & BioChemist Learn to pace yourself . . . We see if happen to friends and family every year and I have to ask “Why don’t people learn and do things differently next year?”. What I am talking about is getting stressed out over Christmas, spending too much on gifts […]

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October 31, 2017
Sinus problems and how to treat them naturally

What do sinus problems look like? Well, do you suffer from the following: headache, tenderness in the face, a persistent drip down the back of the throat a sore or raw throat If you have one or more of the above symptoms, it may be a sign that your sinuses are inflamed or blocked. What […]

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October 5, 2017
What is Breast Cancer? A Perspective from a Female Naturopath

Breast cancer - how common is it and what are the risks? Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in both developed and developing countries. Early detection increases survival, and we at Holden Healthcare encourage women to participate in routine screening programs. The average age of diagnosis is 60, however there is a […]

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October 5, 2017
Why are so many NZ Women getting breast cancer and what can YOU do to prevent it?

By David Holden, Senior Naturopath & Biochemist, specialising in Naturopathic Oncology Breast cancer - incidence and known causes As the stats show, 1 in 9 Women will develop some form of breast cancer in their lifetimes. Breast Cancer is now the most common Cancer of all time on planet Earth. In New Zealand, 3,000 women […]

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October 2, 2017
David Holden's Top 10 Tips for Cancer Patients

Senior Naturopath David Holden offers ten things to think about if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Change your diet – cut out all sugars from processed & packaged foods, fizzy drinks, milk chocolate and any form of added sugar as it feeds cancer cells directly and is the #1 dietary intervention for ALL types […]

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