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Holden Health Care welcomes you to experience our holistic multi-practitioner natural health clinic in Auckland, New Zealand



At Holden HealthCare, we look at the whole person to provide exceptional Holistic health services. We aim to identify and treat the root cause of dis-ease through safe and clinically effective natural medicine.
Our integrative health practitioners, with the combined clinical experience of over 100 years, work together to provide the best possible personalized care, empowering patients to unlock their innate healing potential.


Holden HealthCare offers a range of solutions to address your particular health concerns.

Our team of highly-experienced natural health practitioners take an integrated and Holistic approach by offering a range of safe and effective solutions to treat the whole person – on physical, energetic, and psychological levels.

We offer leading-edge health assessments, evidence-based diet plans, premium supplement ranges, lifestyle advice, and body therapies; as well as subtle therapies such as meditation.

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New on our Team: Dr Deven Sharma – Integrative Natural Medicine Practitioner

deven-sharmaWe would like to welcome on board Dr Deven Sharma, who is a Doctor of Medicine* and a Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines, and is a Registered Advanced Natural Medicine Practitioner.  A Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine & received specialized echocardiography training with the Medical University of Vienna.

Dr Sharma brings to the team a high level of expertise and experience, using a range of modalities in what he calls “Precision Medicine.”

* Dr Deven P Sharma is not  registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand ( MCNZ) as a medical practitioner in New Zealand. He is registered as a Advanced Natural Medicine Practitioner with Natural Health Practitioners of New Zealand (NHPNZ) and holds a current ceritificate of practice with NHPNZ.

Contact our Clinic Manager Jax Nicholls on (09) 282 3588 for further information.



Marianne Stobie Interview (9mins 31secs)

Tyrone Penning Interview (9mins 36secs)

Elaine Bracefield Interview (11mins 13secs)

Pharmanex BioPhotonic Antioxidant Scanner machine instantly assesses antioxidant levels. (9mins 20secs)

Using the Hemaview Live Blood Analysis to assess health markers. (18mins 25secs)

Hemaview Dry Blood Analysis extends to depth of assessment. (8mins 34secs)

Vitality-Longevity-Antiaging (VLA) Testing. (12mins 20secs)

David Holden interviews a cancer patient. (16mins 27secs)

Thyroflex Thyroid Testing. (8mins 59secs)