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Wellness Programs

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Is good health and wellness just a matter of luck?

While we are led to believe that good health is “the luck of the draw,” “good genes” or some other factor that we can’t control, this is now believed by scientists to be totally untrue. Good health is a natural phenomenon, found everywhere in nature. Plants and animals in their natural environment are generally in good health.

We can also achieve good health if we live according to the natural needs of our bodies and minds, especially if we start young. This means being free of toxins, being active, and nourishing the body. It means looking after all aspects of ourselves – body, mind, energy, and spirit.

Can we really have super health?

Medicine focuses on disease, and ways to achieve “normal” health, that is, health free of disease. We disagree with this low expectation, and encourage people to think about achieving excellent health, that is, an optimally functioning body, happiness, high energy, and spiritual contentment.

That is why we offer our Wellness Plans, so you can strive to attain the very best of yourself – because you and your family deserve it!

How can we gain excellent health?

Excellent health is achievable through suitable diet, exercise, lifestyle and psychological management. Holden HealthCare offers comprehensive, holistic approaches to health for those who seriously want to be proactive. We will help you create a program that is tailored exactly for your current health status, your goals, and your budget.

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Anti-Aging and Longevity Plan
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This is a program for those who are healthy, and want to take their health to the next level.  You will have a full consultation with sophisticated Vitality-Longevity-Antiaging (VLA test) and other assessments for key markers of aging. You may have a Hemaview Live Blood Analysis to see health markers in your blood, a Pharmanex antioxidant levels test, and/or a Thyroflex thyroid function test. The assessments will cover physical and psychological factors, lifestyle patterns, stress levels and management, relationships, etc.

You will then be given a diet plan, nutraceuticals, stress management, exercise and meditation plans that work on all levels of your being. This will often be preceded by a detoxification program to reduce or remove toxins and parasites, so your body is able to absorb the nutrients and regenerate optimally.

Finally we have practitioners that can assist with emotional and psychological blocks to excellent health, helping you access your highest states.

Book a free 10-minute phone appointment with David Holden, Senior Naturopath, to see whether we can help you:

High Energy Plan

Are you feeling constantly tired and low in energy? Our team will assess your stress, thyroid and adrenal gland markers to determine the cause. He will then put you on a synergistic herb and supplement program, and may refer you to a specialist for deep relaxation body therapies, Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation), and meditation. Your increased energy will enable you to be more productive, to attract new opportunities, and enjoy life with new-found vitality and enthusiasm.

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Weight Balance Plan

If you feel your metabolism is sluggish and you are not your ideal weight, Holden HealthCare can help you regain balance – naturally, progressively and safely. We will assess your thyroid and other markers, and review your diet habits. You may undergo a detox to clear the body and kick-start your digestion and metabolism. You will be given a comprehensive plan that nourishes you while encouraging your body to replace fat with lean muscle, helping you regain confidence and wellbeing in yourself.

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Contact us now to discuss Wellness Program options to suit your needs.

We have Fee Funders options for spreading payment of selected packages and equipment. Contact us for further details.

Talk to us!

Have a free no-obligation 10-minute conversation with David Holden, our Senior Naturopath. He will explain what is on offer, and help you decide whether Holden HealthCare is right for your needs.

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