Phone: (0274) 837 188
Open: Tues-Fri 10am-6pm
Phone: (0274) 837 188
Open: Tues-Fri 10am-6pm

Practitioner Prices

David Holden

David Holden has 30 years full time Clinical Experience, he is one of THE most experienced Natural Medicine Practitioners in Australasia.  He has two degrees, five Post Graduate Qualifications,  and has studied Post Grad Naturopathic Oncology in the USA since 1997. This is why his charges are what they are.  There is no one else more experienced in Naturopathic Oncology in New Zealand or Australia at this time.

Standard Consultation Fees

  • Consultation per hour session – $195.00
  • Brief email & phone call follow-ups for Q&A (no more than 3 min) – No Charge
  • NZ Zoom sessions per hour – $195.00
  • Overseas Zoom sessions per hour – $195.00

Oncology (Cancer & Hard-to-Treat diseases) Consultation Fees*

  • Initial Naturopathic Oncology or hard-to-treat cases (Once off, 120 minute session which includes 4 tests HV, VLA, ABPS & Thyroflex)* – $450.00
  • Oncology Consultation per hour session follow-ups* – $225.00
  • Brief email & phone call follow-ups for Q&A (no more than 3 min) – No Charge
  • NZ Zoom sessions per hour – $195.00
  • Overseas Zoom sessions per hour – $195.00
  • Cancellation fee** – $150.00

*The reason Oncology & hard to treat cases are charged for at a highly hourly rate is due to the extra work involved in reading MRI / CT / X ray scan results, medical Oncology reports, laboratory test results and writing letters to Medical Oncologists and Hospitals and other Specialists that may become involved in such cases. There is also a lot more work having to liaise with other Medical Health Professionals. This work is very time consuming and there is additional administration and behind the scenes work with cancer cases that isn’t billed for. This is recognition of the extra work involved for both David and his Admin staff in such cases. Our work doesn’t finish when your consult does, often this is where the real work begins! We receive NO subsidies from the Government or the DHB’s and PHO’s. Please bring to all sessions any supplements, herbal medicines, homeopathics or medically prescribed drugs so David can double check for any interactions or he cannot guarantee your safety without sighting your prescriptions. Drug-drug interactions are surprisingly common; drug- supplement interactions are far rarer and usually not as serious.

**A cancellation fee of $150.00 will be charged if an appointment is cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment unless debilitating illness, accidents, or emergencies has necessitated short notice cancellation and then the fees may be waived at our discretion. Please ensure you keep appointments to avoid us charging our cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee applies in particular to new patient bookings. 

Diagnostic Test Fees (charged in addition to the standard hourly fee except with Initial Oncology & Hard to treat cases consultation, when these test fees are included)

  • Hemaview™ Live Blood Analysis – Wet Only – $50.00
  • Hemaview™ – Wet & Dry – $80.00
  • Digital Iris & Sclera Photos on Memory Stick (you provide memory stick) – $50
  • VLA™ (Vitality, Longevity & Anti-Ageing) Analysis- $50.00
  • Thyroflex® Dr Turner’s Electronic Thyroid Test – $40.00
  • S3 (Antioxidant Bio-Photonic Laser scan) – $30.00 (Normally $45)

Hemaview Analysis Consultation Includes:

  • Multiple page report with interpretation emailed to you immediately after test.
  • Both Wet and Dry Live Blood Analysis (Metagenics / Bradford / Coyle technique) unique to David Holden’s Clinic.

Iris & Sclera Analysis Consultation Includes:

  • Iris & Sclera Photographs (taken prior) 10 photos taken, 1 of each iris and 4 of each Sclera. Analysis involves physical & emotional / mental health issues that need addressing.

Laboratory Testing

Specific tests done via Lab Tests / Med Lab will be discussed as needed case by case by David Holden.

  • Thyrodine Urine & Salvia Test (takes 2-3 weeks for results from Lab in Hawkes Bay) – $98.00
  • Hair Testing for Heavy Metals & Nutrient Mineral Imbalances (takes 2 weeks for results)- $150.00
  • Urine Provocation Test for stored heavy metals and minerals (takes 2 weeks for results)- $220.00
  • Extensive Neurotransmitter Test for full brain hormone function analysis (takes 3 weeks) – $350.00
  • GenosticsTM Chemo-Sensitivity Testing for Cancer Patients sent to Sydney (final price depends on exchange rate) – Approx. AUD5,000
Marion Stobie
Naturopathy1 Hour$265
Naturopathy with QXCI2 Hours$295
Follow up QXCI1 Hour$220
Follow up Naturopathy1 Hour$220
Naturopathy or QXCI extended30 Mins$65
Nutritional Consultation1 Hour$195

A word about our fee structure

Most people don’t fully realize that medical fees in NZ are at least 50% subsidized by the NZ Government so it is not a level playing field between fees charged by your GP & Medical Specialists compared with non ACC registered Private Naturopathic Specialists like David Holden. We receive NO subsidies on Nurses, Admin staff and Practitioner’s time, so the costs of running our business are very high. Our practitioners do not get all of the fees charged; a set % is paid to run administration services provided at Holden HealthCare for bookings and client liaison. We also have high building rentals, tax and GST as well, it all adds up!

More and more patients are taking out private health insurance and some of these companies will pay out on a % of certain practitioners’ fees (between 25-50%) but not on tests. They will also NOT pay out for dietary supplements, herbal medicines and homeopathics prescribed by David.

Our advice is take out a good health insurance policy that covers you for Specialist Naturopathic Services. If you have any questions about your bill please ask Holden HealthCare’s front desk staff, they are there to help you and handle all billing enquiries.

Phone 09 282 3588 or email us.

Payment plans may be available by prior arrangement with our Office Manager in some cases. It is best you discuss any arrangements BEFORE your initial consult.

We have Fee Funders options for spreading payment of selected packages and equipment. Contact us for further details.

Talk to us!

Have a free no-obligation 10-minute conversation with David Holden, our Senior Naturopath. He will explain what is on offer, and help you decide whether Holden HealthCare is right for your needs.

Clinic Address

87 Knights Road
Rothesay Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand

(0274) 837 188 - Please SMS as we are not always available to take your call.



Legal Medical Disclaimer: Information and statements made on this website and all our associated literature are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. David Holden & Holden Health Care do not dispense medical advice, prescribe restricted medicines, or diagnose disease. If you have a medical condition, we recommend that you consult your physician of choice.
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