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Phone: (0274) 837 188
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David Holden – Naturopath

David Holden – Naturopath & Nutritional Biochemist

ND (NZ), MS (USA), Dip.BioChem. (Aust.), CL (USA), HbT (NZ) MNMHNZ / MNZCHP / AMAIMA / MHANZ

  • Specialist in Naturopathic Oncology since 1997
  • Medical Scientist (Microbiology & Biochemistry)
  • Registered Naturopath NMHNZ Reg # 209
  • Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner NZCHP Reg # NM0068
  • Director, Holden HealthCare Ltd (est.1997)
  • Specialising in Naturopathic Oncology and Hard-to-Treat Cases
  • 36 years Clinical Experience – been practising since 1986
  • David can help with ALL cases of Cancer
  • David specialises in difficult and hard to treat cases
  • All covid & immune related issues including detoxification
  • David often refers to other practitioners who dovetail with his specialised skill set.

David has a wealth of experience in Natural Medicine and Natural Therapies to help you as he trained in 3 countries spanning 12 years and has worked within various aspects of the health system over his 36-year career. He has taught, practised, managed and developed a wide range of specific skills & tools to help his patients. This allows his patients to receive a more rounded and complete Healing system embracing the best of what modern Science & Technology has to offer blended with Ancient Wisdom and Alternative Healing Therapies that are time tested & well proven to work, while reducing or avoiding many of the side effects of modern pharmaceuticals.

David started his career after training as a Scientist in Microbiology & Biochemistry with the National Health Institute in Wellington in the 1980’s after graduating from Victoria University & the CIT with an NZCS Degree equivalent double majored in Microbiology & Biochemistry in 1983.

He then moved to Auckland and retrained from Scientist to Naturopath to Natural Medicine Practitioner during the late 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s in NZ, Australia & the USA. He gained 5 recognised qualifications in Natural Medicine spanning a wide range of therapies all well proven to help various conditions and medically diagnosed diseases minimising the use of medical drugs.

David was appointed to MACCAH (Ministerial Advisory Committee on Complementary & Alternative Health) for the Ministry of Health working for 3 years (2001-2004) as an advisor to the then Minister of Health, Annette King under the second term Helen Clark Labour led government. However after $3M of tax payers money MACCAH’s final report was buried as it didn’t align with the Big Pharma narrative on Natural Medicines and Natural Therapies that Big Pharma has consistently tried to bury with burdensome legislation. This raised its ugly head with the passing of the Medicines Act in 1981 and again with amendments to it in May 2021 under the current Ardern led Labour govt.

David regularly works with top people in Orthodox Conventional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Energy Psychology, Natural Medicine & Natural Therapies and has a wide network of Scientific & Healing networks with colleagues spanning 3 continents over many years where he trained. He maintains these relationships to get the heads up on latest developments overseas constantly bringing new technologies down-under.

If you want a Scientific Holistic approach to your health, then you have found it!

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Client Testimonials

Five months ago, I sought David’s assistance regarding a microcalcification that was picked up through the routine Mammogram test. That day is etched in my memory, marked by intense stress and anxiety-induced shivers. The explanations and horrific stories from various Doctors on how they plan to deal with it were horrific and absolute soul crushing. Sharing my concerns with him, I was impressed by his meticulous questioning and thorough analysis. Following our initial meeting, I found some relief as he elucidated the issues within my body and proposed a treatment plan.

Devotedly adhering to his guidance, my health progressively improved with each subsequent visit, transforming me into a revitalized individual within a few months. I now experience enhanced well-being, reduced stress, and overall improved fitness. David, to me, is nothing short of an angel, and my gratitude towards him is boundless. The microcalcifications that once troubled me have vanished, and, as an unexpected bonus, my anxiety has significantly diminished.

Looking ahead, I am committed to prioritizing my well-being, confident that my continued journey with David will only further elevate my health. My positive transformation has not gone unnoticed, as even my husband has recognized the positive changes in me. Inspired by my experience, he has enlisted in David’s wellness program. I wholeheartedly recommend consulting a Naturopath, not only for chronic ailments but also for overall well-being. David’s utilization of cutting-edge devices and technology allows him to provide clear insights into our body’s internal workings and prescribe precise actions.

David, I extend my heartfelt thanks for bestowing upon me a version 2.0 of myself.

Shashi N (female had breast cancer age 43)

I have been under David Holden’s care for just over one year now with fantastic results.  When I started with David my energy levels were at an all-time low, I was pretty much dragging myself from point A to point B.  My sleep was disrupted and my gut on fire.  I believe I was on the cusp of major health issues and looking down the barrel of long term prescription meds if I had travelled that pathway. It has been a year of dedication and implementing, to the best of my ability, the protocols that David put in place. With his depth of knowledge and experience if one thing didn’t suit me and my lifestyle David always had an alternative to offer.  He was always honest, encouraging and happy to see the gains I have made. With 2020 being a huge year worldwide on top of normal life, I am ecstatic with my results and the support I have received from David.  My energy levels are normal, my sleep is great, I know how to read my body and what to do if things are heading in the wrong direction.  I thoroughly recommend David and have done so, with family and friends now also seeing him.  I am so grateful now and thankful to David, at my age I have no health concerns and am on no prescription meds, I feel empowered to read and respond to my body.  That to me is success 😊

Thanks J


09 390 2424    021 1735743

Barb Starke

EFT Practitioner

*”When I had my first consult with Holden HealthCare I had no stomach to face work due to low energy, and high stress.  I was given a program to follow which included a balanced diet, exercise, and supplements to compliment these changes.  I am happy to say my blood pressure has come down, I feel much better as my energy levels have improved, and my stress levels have decreased so I am sleeping better as well.  I have more mental clarity and I feel ready to face work.  I even have more muscles. When I visited my Dr recently to check bloods for cholesterol and my heart, he said “What are you doing to gain such improvements in your health?” I told him I am exercising and have improved my diet. Thank you Holden Health for helping me to achieve better health.” – 

Peniamina Tofa

*”I came to Holden Health Care initially as I was keen to find natural ways to deal with my health.  The results have been pretty good and the Practitioners and staff have been very helpful.”

– Paul B  Age:60

*”I got significant help with 3 specific health problems that resolved with great advice from David Holden. My acid reflux went and hasn’t come back as well as sleeping much better. A great side benefit was more energy that has remained so i cant recommend his services more highly. I was delighted, many thanks David.”

– HN male aged 31

*”David helped me when i was diagnosed with IBS and gut problems. I am so grateful to be feeling so much better since following his advice. My doctor told me I would just have to live with it but with the correct advice I proved him wrong.”

– JB female aged 46

*”I saw David with low energy, irritability and other symptoms of the menopause. I was getting very frustrated as was my husband but after 2-3 months of herbal medicines and dietary supplements I was surprised how much i improved. I would recommend any one suffering from the same go ask for help as it worked! Thank you I feel I have my life back!”

– AS female aged 54

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