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Biohacking Healing

The applied Science of Energy, Clarity, Longevity & Anti-Ageing taken to the next level!

By David Holden, ND, MS, Naturopathic Oncology & Nutritional BioChemistry

Biohacking Healing™ Online Course - 6 Week 6 Hour intensive introduction to the science of Biohacking, and how it relates to Healing and changing your reality. Biohacking Health & Wellness, gets results faster and cheaper alongside any existing Health & Wellness plan you are following, and will improve it beyond measure!

2024 Road Tour - At a Centre near you!

Before diving into this 6-week online course, come and meet David Holden in person, at a 4-hour session near you! Get an introduction to Biohacking Healing, while assessing your health with the latest tools that David actually uses in his Naturopathic Oncology practice!
March-May 2024 NZ Tour Venues: Whangarei / Takapuna / West Auckland and/or Central / New Plymouth / Nelson / ChCh / Queenstown / Dunedin (8-9 event tour)
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In the comprehensive online health course you will:

  • Learn how to Biohack your Genetics & live longer & age less rapidly than your peers with proven Scientific discoveries that Big Pharma & the govt doesn’t what you to know!
  • Discover new specific Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals to enhance & reinforce healthy genetic expression (epigenetics) & support life energy & wellbeing & make you look as good as you feel!
  • Understand why and how you need to get regular Annual Blood Testing, when to do it and how to maintain high levels of Health, Wellness & Healing in ways your doctor doesn’t even understand.
  • We tell you the tests to get and why and the results to aim for (optimal levels not the medical “get by” levels that can keep you in a suspended state of sickness, and who to see in your area (if possible) to get the testing you need and when.
  • Learn how & why Detoxing is as good as everyone says it is! Which is best for you? Juice cleanses? Liver Detox? Bowel detox? Intermittent fasting? Bodikleanz Detox?
  • Biohack Nutrition – eat the foods that work for you and your biochemical individuality - not what Big Food Corporates want you to eat for more profit and less nutrition & more diseases! Learn about the Blood Type Diet and why it is so important!
  • Biohack your Brain – called Neuro-Hacking - expand your cognition, intelligence and memory with Nootropics, Brain hormones & specific high-powered Nutrients that most people have never heard of let alone pronounce! We show you which ones are best & why and where to get them from.
  • Explore how to Biohack Sex & your Love Life in the privacy of your own home;
  • For Men - how to not only maintain and retain strong, rock-hard erections well into your golden years & beyond, but even more importantly maintain the Sex Drive, Focus & Clarity that elevated levels of Testosterone / Oxytocin / Serotonin / Melatonin can give you. Eliminate excess Oestrogen & Progesterone safely with or without drugs.
  • For Women - how to not only maintain your Energy, Clarity & Libido and your ability to climax successfully well past the menopause, but how to improve it and take your orgasms to a whole other level – become multiply orgasmic with the man you love, open your heart to more connection and deeper intimacy with him. Enjoy the Emotional Stability, Energy & Clarity that comes with truly balancing your Oestrogen / Progesterone / Testosterone / Oxytocin / Serotonin / Melatonin levels.
  • Biohack your Fitness, Cardio-Vascular Health & Muscular Health to a whole new level using REHIT technology a revamp of HIIT – we show you how! Do more with less time & effort and get better results than hours in the gym every day – so old school!
  • Learn how to balancing your Sex & Stress hormones & using the power of intention and Mind Powers skills that will change your intimate, family & work relationships for the better!
  • Switch on your Thyroid & Adrenals – you will always have energy to burn and will maintain your ideal weight long term with technology developed by one of the top world experts on Thyroids & Adrenals from the USA.
  • Banish Depression, Anxiety & reduce Stress Forever with time honoured ancient skills dovetailed with modern high tech Energy Psychology & Neuroscience that have been rediscovered in a modern context - now more important than ever!
  • Take charge of your Biochemical Pathways that make your body tick that much better, giving you more energy, stamina, mental clarity and the positivity to tackle anything!
  • Get Access to Prescription-only products you can buy online with websites that most people don’t know about, and connect with specific Health Experts that you never knew existed in your region!
  • Learn how to nourish your Auric Field and your Energy Bodies, using the importance of Grounding, Martial Arts (Qi Gung & Tai Chi), Yoga, Mindfulness Techniques & the many forms of Meditation that’s out there. We show you website links & online. Meditations that will guide you on your inner journey like nothing else has done before
  • Expand your psychic awareness & develop your sixth sense – simple techniques to open your Mind and Consciousness to the higher realms and communicate with them!

“We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience”
- Deepak Chopra.

David Holden

Naturopathic Oncologist , Nutritional Biochemist & Biohacking Healing Trainer


David has a wealth of experience spanning 4 decades in the fields of Microbiology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Natural Medicine, Vibrational & Frequency Medicine (the medicine of the future – here now!) and Consciousness expansion using high tech science with Ancient Yogic wisdom.

Having worked & trained in mainstream science for over 5 years, and Natural Medicine in various capacities for over 32 years, he questioned everything and didn’t like some of the answers he got (especially in recent history with a certain virus) so he developed methods and protocols that work when orthodox medicine has lost its way (and its ethics!).

This is a seminar that gives you a big taste of what’s on offer in the 6 week online course that David has developed with lots of online resources to help you find what you need to achieve all your health, wellness & consciousness goals. You can also turn much of this into income streams if you chose to, no pressure but if you do, we can help you turn spare time into cash!

The 6 week online course Biohacking Healing™ will open up a window into reality most people aren’t aware of, but then you aren’t most people are you!

The Course

Week 1 – Introduction to Biohacking and the testing needed to see where you are at - baseline assessments to gauge your progress.
Week 2 – Diet & Fasting Biohacks: how to choose the best type of diet tailored exactly to you.
Week 3 – Online Exercise & Movement Biohacks: moving from boring exercise to health-promoting movement.
Week 4 – Online Mindfulness & Sleeping Biohacks: learn meditation and methods to improve sleep.
Week 5 – Your personal Destiny Wheel™ and how to get you back on track with your life in its entirety
Week 6 – Online - Putting it all together, where to from here? Some of the best curated products to help with life extension.

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