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Turbo-Charged Cancers Strongly Linked to Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccines? Here’s the Evidence! What is the mechanism causing this? And how can we prevent it? (Part 1)

By David Holden, ND (NZ), MS (USA), Dip.Biochem. (Aust.) NZ Based Naturopathic Oncologist and Nutritional Biochemist

Since the c-19 pandemic, and post-2022, approximately a year after the c-19 vaxxes were rolled out here in New Zealand, I have personally witnessed a massive increase in the incidence of turbo-charged cancers in my Auckland-based clinic and others’ clinical practices. I’m not alone in my observations and findings.

Copious quantities of evidence support this, and you don’t have to dig very far to uncover it. In this article, I’ve highlighted some of the best evidence for this internationally. Please explore the detailed references cited below for more in-depth information. There is far more than I have selected below, and I can provide additional information and references for those who want them.

These “Turbo Cancers” have proven common in all countries where the c-19 vaccines were rolled out, and where government agencies mass vaccinated huge percentages of the population, like here in Australia and New Zealand. The UK, USA, and most EU countries were all similarly hit with massive upswings in cancers across the board within a year after their c-19 vaxx rollouts.

I’m seeing far too many patients presenting with no family history of any type of cancer that used to appear in older and ageing people in their 50s and 60s. Now, post-c-19 vaccines, these cancers are showing up in much bigger numbers in patients who are much younger, often in their 20s or 30s. All of them have been jabbed multiple times, including with ‘boosters,’ with the Pfizer version of the c-19 injection.

Health Practitioners of most degree disciplines are trained to believe that the vast majority of cancers take time to appear, usually 20-30 years is considered normal. Unless, of course, there is repeated direct patient contact with a well-proven carcinogen like Asbestos, Benzene, Nitrosamines, Glyphosate, EMR/Wireless Radiation, or a myriad of other chemicals in air, water, food, drugs, and even some supplements. We come into contact with all of these in modern 21st-Century living. Of course, none of the studies done have combined the effects of many of these different categories of carcinogens, which in real life, real-time, we are all being exposed to all the time with increasing intensity and frequency, especially since the pandemic.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a known carcinogen, and we are all being exposed 24-7-365 as, since the pandemic, we spend more time online. (The best biohack for protecting yourself against EMR / Wireless Radiation is to go hard wired and switch off WiFi permanently. ).

I am seeing patients in their 20s and 30s instead of their 50s and 60s, post-c-19 vaccination, developing cancers so fast that they are presenting at stage 3 or 4 when they used to be picked up at stage 1 or 2. Thus, giving less time to develop an effective treatment protocol regardless of the methods used to tackle cancers, be they from conventional, alternative, or advanced frequency-based medicine. I prefer a mix of all systems (Biohacking Healing™) depending on the patient’s preference and the scientific evidence for effective treatment in their individual case.

As modern Naturopathic Oncology is more developed, it is crafting a multi-faceted approach with new breakthroughs and developments, especially in the non-ingestible therapies like frequency and vibrational medicine. The future of more truly independent scientific research in these very promising modalities is showing new, unbiased evidence that chemotherapy, as the most effective primary treatment, is now sorely lacking in many cases, with toxic safety profiles compared with non-toxic, historically and anecdotally successful alternative medicine treatments for most oncology cases. Many books have been written about this, so I won’t delve into that in this limited article, but that is a subject for another time as it’s a significant topic.

Cancer patients who were previously effectively treated and in remission are coming back in with horrendous cancer re-occurrences, with tumours growing far more rapidly than before c-19 was a glimmer in Bill Gates’s eyes.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the current buzz around this subject in the alternative media and even parts of the Mainstream Alternative Media (MAM), which is now covering some of these stories, usually buried deep in newspapers or magazines and given scant reviews and zero informed comment by people who would know, as most are too scared to speak out. Here’s a taste:

1. Microbiologist Kevin McKernan pioneered research on testing some of the c-19 vaccine vials and discovered unacceptable levels of double-stranded DNA plasmids floating around.

This is DNA contamination. He found the contamination in Pfizer and Moderna vials. (References 1, 2, 3)

He emphasised that the SV40 found is a viral piece; it is not the whole virus. However, it still presents a risk of driving cancer in patients exposed to it.

SV40 or Simian Virus 40 was the 40th virus found in rhesus monkey kidney cells when these cells were used to make the polio vaccine. This virus contaminated both the inactivated polio vaccine (“IPV”) and the oral or “live” polio vaccine (“OPV”) developed by Dr Albert Sabin back in 1955. When it was discovered that SV40 was an animal carcinogen that had found its way into the polio vaccines, a US federal law was passed in 1961 that required that no vaccines contain this virus.

During an interview with Peter Sweden, Sasha Latypova (a pharma and medical device R&D executive) said that DNA contamination is “a huge problem because this is a replication competent plasmid, it can then invade human cells, it can invade the bacterial cells that live in your gut. So, they go into the bacteria they replicate there, they replicate antibiotic-resistant genes…it can cause sepsis, it can cause cancer, all sorts of issues.” (Reference 4)

“DNA contamination of mRNA ‘vaccines’ poses a risk to everyone on the planet,” WCH said. “Replicable DNA, so-called plasmids, in both the monovalent and bivalent vaccines, which should not be there at all … We can only speculate how it will end, but what needs to happen today after the publication of the paper by McKernan et al (2023) is an immediate stop of the ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ program.

3. Further to this, Japanese Professor Murakami of Tokyo University of Science recently expressed his concerns over the alarming discovery of SV40 promoters McKernan had made.

He said:

“The Pfizer vaccine has a staggering problem. I have made an amazing finding. This figure is an enlarged view of Pfizer’s vaccine sequence. As you can see, the Pfizer vaccine sequence contains part of the SV40 sequence here. This sequence is known as a promoter. Roughly speaking, the promoter causes increased expression of the gene. The problem is that the sequence is present in a well-known carcinogenic virus”. “The question is why such a sequence that is derived from a cancer virus is present in Pfizer’s vaccine. There should be absolutely no need for such a carcinogenic virus sequence in the vaccine. This sequence is totally unnecessary for producing the mRNA vaccine. It is a problem that such a sequence is solidly contained in the vaccine. This is not the only problem. If a sequence like this is present in the DNA, the DNA is easily migrated to the nucleus.”

Professor Murakami continued:

These two comments from world experts in the fields of Medicine and Vaccine development should be sounding alarm bells all over the world, but it isn’t. And these aren’t the only ones, as I will share with you other leading medical and radiation oncologists’ comments from around the English-speaking world who are saying the same.

Why aren’t our authorities alarmed and showing any interest?

4. The brief video clip below from Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Harvey Kirsch tells it all:

Here are two Medical Oncologists, one from Canada and the other from the USA, discussing the evidence for these turbo-charged cancers. What they are seeing in their clinical practices mirrors what myself and thousands of other Oncologists, Medical or otherwise, are seeing.

The problem is not enough of them are speaking out for fear of losing their salaries, job positions, or status, and ability to legally practice, as we have seen in the last four years of the pandemic. Hundreds of doctors and nurses have been banned from working because they (wisely) didn’t take the jabs. This is one of the main reasons why we have a staffing shortage worldwide for well-trained medical staff because so many have left the medical profession due to their choice not to accept the poisoned needle.

If the mandated requirement to have your c-19 vaxxes “up to date” was reversed, we would see a significant improvement. Unfortunately, many medical staff are so traumatised due to the level of PTSD created from being shunned and shut down by their medical registration bodies so they can no longer work or draw an income to sustain themselves financially. Plus, the trauma of the lockdowns, ridiculous mask mandates, and of course, the forced vaccines has driven many out of the medical and healing professions forever.

We have lost some of the best in medicine because of these c-19 vaxx mandates.

I urge these well-trained medical health professionals to retrain in Natural Medicine as we need far more who are prepared to have high moral and ethical standards, like these brave souls. These are the people we need who are prepared to roll their sleeves up and practice as well-trained Natural Health Practitioners of a wide range of disciplines who aren’t overly influenced by Big Pharma and their playbook of dirty tricks. Many remaining, but not all doctors and nurses, are forced into a scope of practice, tight regulatory box that stops them from practicing medicine as they see fit. Dictated too by big pharma-influenced regulatory bodies and government agency bureaucrats working for their paymasters at Medsafe, MoH, TGA, FDA, CDC and ultimately WHO. All captured agencies, which is again another significant story on its own.

If you want to see with your own eyes whats in the Pfizer c19 injections and other brands please view: . I was one of many medical scientists or doctors that contributed to this website back in 2021.

I must state clearly here that I never used to be an anti-vaxxer before c-19, though I wasn’t a big fan before, especially after my Naturopathic training. But now, after over 200 hours of research on medical databases I have access to since c-19, I am convinced, and will now never recommend any vaccine to any patient, as I believe most, if not all, ‘vaccines’ have now been doctored, spiked or contaminated, and all parents need to understand this before they blindly follow the New Zealand (or any countries’) Ministry of Health childhood vaccination schedule that recommends over 21 multiple ‘vaccines’ in New Zealand before the age of five. Many are triple boosters, so the actual number is much higher – closer to 52!

You can see the MoH childhood vaccination schedule for New Zealand here: and it’s even worse overseas, but we are catching up fast in New Zealand and Australia with the rest of the Western World. Remember the Northern Hemisphere’s c-19 vaccine rollouts were at least 6-9 months ahead of New Zealand and Australia’s, with New Zealand being one of the last to nationally roll them out. So the Northern hemisphere doctors and scientists speaking out have a lot more resources and a head start on those in New Zealand and Australia, seeing the consequences of the global rollout of these c-19 bioweapons, which is what they effectively are.

5. In this next video clip, it starts with well-known UK Oncologist, Dr Angus Dalgleish, and continues to interview a wide range of medical doctors, PhDs, and medical scientists who are all speaking out after seeing significant increases in advanced cancers presenting in ever-increasing numbers since the c-19 booster rollouts. Dr Charles Hoffe, an Oncologist from the UK, says that two-thirds of his new patients are now presenting with stage 4 cancers when pre-c-19, it was closer to 15%!! (NB there is a bit of repetition for a few minutes from the first video linked above):

I can’t complete this article without a quote from a (now) well-known Swedish pathologist, Dr Ute Kruger, who summarises what all of the above medical experts and independent scientists are observing globally. Her vast experience allows her to differentiate less and more aggressive tumours. She has noticed the following trends since the vaccine rollout, as have I:

1. Cancer in younger and younger people, even as young as 30 years

2. Tumours seem to be larger than before. Tumours of 3 cm in diameter used to be rare, but now even tumours of 8 cm size are no longer rare, and even tumours of up to 12 cm occur with outliers up to 16 cm which took up the whole breast!

3. It is not uncommon to see multiple tumours in the same breast or tumours in both breasts at the same time (bilateral).

4. The tumours grow much more aggressively than before 2021: they have less connective tissue, larger cells, and more actively dividing cells as indicated by Ki-67. This could theoretically be due to a lack of early treatment, since patients might be reluctant to seek care. However, this phase is clearly over, and the trend did not abate, so it’s likely not due to delayed treatment.

5. More and more who have previously been cured from cancer, sometimes for even 20 years, are getting cancer again (recurrence). Relatively soon after the c-19 injection, tumours ‘explode’. They spread extremely fast in the body, and the patient dies within a few months.

6. Patients with tumours arising in different organs at the same time, which was very unusual before 2021. An example case was a woman who had been diagnosed with breast, lung and pancreatic cancer at the same time, which is very remarkable and unusual.

7. An increase in rare tumours.

And I want to give the final word to one of my health freedom information heroes, Dr Joseph Mercola. A man I have the utmost respect for, as his health freedom campaigns have cost him dearly over the years, both professionally and personally. He has been speaking out on many health conspiracies, and now the biggest of all time, c-19. Please, if you click on no other links than this, do so now:

To put this video in perspective in as succinct a way possible, I quote Dr Mercola directly from the above article link:

That’s the bottom line from one of the world’s top authorities on the safety of medicine, in my opinion.

In New Zealand, we are seeing the same as Australia, Canada, the USA, UK, and most EU countries. All the findings of Dr. Ute Kruger appear to be correct so far. It’s just taking longer for the information to get out into the public arena in Australia and New Zealand, as the media suppression of this and other truths around c-19 has been especially brutal down under. I’m hoping more Mainstream Media (MSM), Mainstream Alternative Media (MAM), and Alternative Media will pick up this story, as if more Kiwis know the potential consequences of taking the jabs, the uptake will drop significantly, even more than it already has.

There is NO justification for continuing the c-19 injection rollout, as it just isn’t meeting any of the original parameters. It doesn’t stop infection, it doesn’t stop transmission, it is an abysmal failure as a vaccine, which it patently isn’t. It behaves in the human body as a bioweapon, not a vaccine. It has failed at every turn to be ‘safe and effective’, and this narrative needs to be challenged both in the media, academia, the courts, and more importantly at the WHO. Those responsible for this abomination need to be brought to justice!

In part 2 of this article, I will investigate the evidence for successful treatments, over time, to reduce and eventually remove the risk of COVID-19 vaccine-induced turbo cancers. As you will see, this can be a complex process, but new developments in Nutraceutical, Frequency and Vibrational Medicine are making great inroads, especially in the USA. Some from very unusual sources you might not have expected, like the US military…

More to come . . .


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  6. Dr Joseph Mercola: please visit for more information you won’t get in the MSM about Natural Medicines & covid 19 treatments etc.
  7. For more darkfield microscopy visual images and videos of the blood after c19 injections please visit: .
  8. Please use Alternative Media online for your own searches like these:
  9. Try Telegram, Signal & Whats App chat groups & other alternative search engines but I wouldn’t bother with google as it is now so heavily censored just like Wikipedia is. More whistle blowing is appearing on Tik-Tok.

It’s been a long time coming but everyone is noticing the longer days and warmer nights as we slip into the Summer sun and warm balmy days ahead. After covid we all need some respite so please take advantage of the better weather and get out in it.

But do remember to be sun smart and wear wider brimmed hats and no toxicity sunblock (avoid the common commercial brands that contain a wide range of toxic and potentially toxic chemicals). Ironically the Cancer Society version is one of the most toxic! It is far quicker to mention the brands that are best than the best ones to avoid.

Best brands from my initial research are the ones that contain no parabens and have an SPF of at least 30. If you have sensitive white skin, like me, you can go as high as SPF 50 if you are in sun during the heat of the day like trades people working outside a lot as well as those who work in office buildings and don’t get much sun, who are so much more likely to burn when over exposed at the weekends on the beach!

Sunblocks to choose

No sunblock is biochemically perfect if you want upwards of SPF 30+, but one of the common ones you can get in most Pharmacies or better Health Food Stores in the New Zealand-made “Oasis Sun” brand with the orange tube packaging. It has less of the nasties and is as organic as they can make it in New Zealand. If you can’t find it then “Jason’s” brand is one of the best out there as it is totally organic and has no nasties in it but has become harder to find in New Zealand as it is imported from the USA and shipping routes are not as busy or as regular as NZ retailers would like. They are having trouble getting enough stock in as with winter coming in the Northern Hemisphere production of sun blocks is dropping.

Good luck and remember the best protection is clothing and avoidance if you have had issues with skin cancers, like I have unfortunately. A good sunblock is a necessary back up these days, especially with kids over summer.

Breast cancer – how common is it and what are the risks?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in both developed and developing countries. Early detection increases survival, and we at Holden Healthcare encourage women to participate in routine screening programs. The average age of diagnosis is 60, however there is a growing incidence of breast cancer in younger women – nearly 6 per cent of breast cancers in Australia and New Zealand develop in women younger than 40.

It is well understood that there is increased risk for women who have a family history of breast cancer.  What is less well known is the association between breast cancer and controllable risk factors of alcohol consumption and abdominal obesity.

What does the breast cancer terminology mean?

Breast cancer is a term used for a variety of cancers that originate in the breast. Broadly it is categorised whether it begins in the ducts (about 90% of breast cancers) or in the lobules, and whether it is in situ or invasive. Some may be a mixture of in situ and invasive. Some of the less common breast cancers can arise in other structures in the breast, such as the lymph.

Staging describes the extent to which the cancer has developed. The most commonly used is Stage 0-IV, Stage IV being the most advanced.

The letter N followed by a number between 0 and 3 indicates the number of lymph nodes near the breast to which the cancer has spread. Therefore for example DCIS N(2) indicates ductal carcinoma in situ, with 2 lymph nodes affected.

What increases my breast cancer risk?

What protective factors could I consider?

What signs & symptoms should I look out for?

Management of breast cancer

Medical recommendations may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonal treatments.

After breast cancer diagnosis, find a good holistic health care professional who can provide guidance about all the natural and complementary therapies that may help you. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of advice on the Internet, so it is important to find an experienced and well-qualified naturopath who can help you determine what is the best way ahead for you. Be comfortable with the person you choose – you may be working together for some time.

Be sure to have your partner or someone close involved as an integral part of your healing process.


It is best to eat a primarily vegetarian diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Eliminate red meats and completely avoid caffeine & trans fats found in commercially processed foods. Eat complex carbohydrates and fibre-rich foods. Consume fish and some nuts for protein. Your naturopath will help draw up a personalised list of foods and frame up a menu plan for you.


Always consult with a herbalist for the most appropriate herbs for you. This may, for instance, include lymphatic herbs which may improve the function of the lymph system and can actually help absorb cysts. Herbs that regulate hormone function and balance the endocrine system may also be included in your herbal formula. Taken as directed, herbal formulas can be a powerful therapy on the road to health. Safety in prescribing is an important part of a herbalist’s training, and you can be confident that your qualified herbalist understands the interactions between taking your prescription medications and herbal medicine together. In fact, some research studies show better outcomes for some patients who choose to combine conventional and herbal medicine than for those who use conventional medicine alone.


There are specific supplement protocols which your naturopath can advise you on. There may be nutritional deficiencies which may be most effectively dealt with in the first instance by supplements. It is well worth the investment to consult with a trained and experienced naturopath who can discern the quality and also the appropriateness of the supplements available, especially when taken in conjunction with prescription medications.

Other factors

We are not just our physical selves, and there are various practices such as massage, exercise outdoors and creative expression through a form of art, to name a few, which help relieve stress and bring about a more relaxed outlook, all beneficial in recovery from breast cancer. Your naturopath and medical herbalist can discuss these further with you and determine with you which works best for you.

We at Holden Healthcare take your health seriously and are well-trained and experienced in the care of breast cancer patients. See here for further information on what we can offer you.

If you would like to discuss this further with us, please do not hesitate to call us at Holden Healthcare on 09 282 3588

With very best wishes,

Marion Stobie

By David Holden, Senior Naturopath & Biochemist, specialising in Naturopathic Oncology

Breast cancer – incidence and known causes

As the stats show, 1 in 9 Women will develop some form of breast cancer in their lifetimes. Breast Cancer is now the most common Cancer of all time on planet Earth. In New Zealand, 3,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.


One of the many reasons is that breast tissue being mainly comprised of fat, stores toxic chemicals that we are exposed to on a regular basis, especially if you live in a large city. If you live in a rural area where chemical sprays are being used, like most of rural New Zealand; then your risk is even higher! What can we do to prevent developing breast cancer?

This is the $64M dollar question and the answer is – heaps!

Cleaning up your diet, getting regular cardiovascular exercise, having a good mindset and taking specific supplements all make a huge difference to a Woman’s risk profile. If you have a close family relative (mother or grandmother, aunt or sister) who has had a scrape with any type of breast cancer then you are at increased risk.

If you want to decrease your risk of breast cancer then take action and change your lifestyle and get regular check-ups by qualified health professionals who know what to look for. Many breast cancers leave a tell-tale dimpling (or orange-skin) effect on the surface of the breast or a discolouration that health professionals are trained to detect. Have a look at this:

Actions you can take to help stay Cancer Free


Stop eating all forms of sugar on a regular basis, odd treats for birthdays and Christmas & Easter are fine, it’s what you do every day that makes all the difference. Cancer cells thrive on sugar so the less you eat the lower your risk.

Cut out soy in your diet as one of the most aggressive types of breast cancer, ER+ve (Estrogen Receptor positive) breast cancer, thrives on phyto & xeno estrogens found in soy products in high quantities and chemicals in some processed foods and food packaging.

Eat a lot more high antioxidant rich foods in your daily diet. These include carrots, beetroot, all types of leafy greens, garlic, turmeric, ginger and the best of the lot is organic blackcurrants & blueberries. Being organic is important as berries have a high surface area that traps a lot of chemical sprays so never buy them unless you know they are organic or you wash them very thoroughly before eating with warm water and let them soak for 5 minutes to help lift off any spray residues. At HHC we do a specific Antioxidant Laser Scan test in our clinic with ALL new patients to make sure their levels are optimal, elevated and high. If not we educate them on what to do to increase them circulating in your blood stream. See Super Smoothie recipes on our website.
Eat more broccoli and especially broccoli sprouts several times weekly as these are shown to help decrease breast cancer risk.

Reduce your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is strongly linked to increased risk of all cancers not just breast cancer. Especially avoid binge drinking.

Don’t smoke anything! Tobacco or weed, both are toxic to the lungs and eventually the breast tissue.


The research shows that if a Woman does 40 mins of Cardiovascular exercise DAILY her breast cancer risk is reduced by 40%!! This is a huge % and should be discussed with every Woman who is ever at risk or diagnosed. The reason is the exercise pumps the breast tissue up and down pumping built up toxins out of the breast, reducing toxic residues by flushing them out of breast tissues by the bodies amazing lymphatic system.
Get fit quicker with less effort by using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as promoted by the now world famous Dr Michael Mosley, the BBC World doctor. Watch this YouTube video for more info from the man himself.

Ancient Chinese Tai Chi or Chi Gung is also a wonderful way to exercise unwind and relax while exercising very gently. Even the over 80’s can do this easily so there is no excuse.


Mindfulness or having a peaceful response to stresses is vital to reduce cortisol release from the adrenal glands that feeds cancer cells to grow and divide.  Learning how to meditate and to let things go that bother you is a vital life skill.

Please visit and take their FREE 5 day meditation course sent to your email inbox daily over 5 days to learn how to do this easily & regularly.


Take a regular dose of Vitamin C to neutralise cancer cell formation and to help detox your system from chemical exposure on a daily basis. The new Lypospheric Vitamin C is by far the best but good quality Daily C powder is a close second. See our webstore for both.

In winter take Vitamin D3 supplements as this is one of the best nutrient life insurance policies and is one of the most powerful immune boosting vitamins you can take.

Take a quality Women’s Multi-Vitamin like Metagenics Femme Essentials to ensure your immune system has all it needs to be very active and alert.

There are others you can take but these need professional advice and prescription as a lot of people take what they don’t actually need. Get scientific testing done to find out what you do actually need in the way of supplements and which ones you should avoid.


Avoid the contraceptive pill over age 40 if at all possible. Maybe ask your partner to have a reversible vasectomy so you can still have unprotected sex, if you have a regular sex partner, and not be at risk of a “geriatric pregnancy”. Or look at an IUD instead of the pill.

Avoid HRT wherever possible as it increases all types of female cancer risk significantly.

Avoid wearing underwire bras all the time. Breast tissue is designed to bounce to pump the lymphatics that clear toxins out of the ducts in breast tissue. Using a sports bra is another option when exercising as these compress the breast rather than stopping it from moving when exercising like an underwire bra does. Go bra less after work and at weekends for a change.

Stop using anti-perspirants that contain aluminium. Most commercial brands have at least 30% aluminium in them to make them dry on the surface of the skin quickly. Read the label on yours now, you may be surprised! When you exercise or it’s a hot summers day your pores open and the aluminium goes straight into the breast tissue which is very close to the armpit. Aluminium blocks the breast ducts and can allow build-up of toxins in the breast tissue, creating fertile ground for breast cancer to develop. Use herbal deodorants instead.

Regular breast self-massage and self-examination especially around ovulation is a smart move. Many breast cancers are picked up by aware Women who examine themselves regularly. Get to know the shape and texture of your breasts and what is your normal. Then abnormalities stand out more easily and you can go to your doctor and ask for a professional breast examination and if necessary early tests.

Mammograms are controversial in some circles as some people believe that when the breast is compressed during a mammogram the breast ducts are squeezed and this can make some cells burst – so if they have an early stage cancer it can be spread. Further research is needed but as the cancer industry has so much invested in early detection and mammograms it is unlikely that the authorities and the Ministry of Health will ever admit to this but alternatives do exist called breast thermograms. These detect minute changes in breast tissue temperature using an infra-red camera. The theory being cancer cells are hotter than normal cells and will show up as red hot spots on the thermogram. Ultra sound is another safe way to detect changes in breast tissue. As women age their breast tissue changes and loses its elasticity as well as increasing the chance of breast cancers to form with increasing build-up of cellular toxins from our environment, both inner and outer.

Stay within 10% of your ideal BMI (Body Mass Index). If you are overweight lose it with the 5:2 Fast Diet as it really works. For more information, watch another YouTube video by Dr Michael Mosley.

Doing regular annual detoxes in Spring or Autumn is a smart move especially if you have increased risk or are over 50.

Remember early detection is ALWAYS best regardless of how you treat breast cancer once it has been detected. All these lifestyle improvements above will certainly give you more peace of mind knowing that you are doing all you can to improve your chances of not getting diagnosed and if you do, of beating it naturally and more easily and with less medical interventions. After all who wants to have their breasts removed or to be exposed to toxic radio or chemotherapy if you don’t need to?

Natural is Best!

If breast cancer is caused by build up of toxins and stress – as the evidence shows – then it makes perfect sense to avoid and manage these factors. In short, try to live as naturally as possible. By living as Nature intended, you will not only have more energy and wellbeing, you may find you live a happier and more contented life.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, support and help is available. See here for further information.

David Holden has authored numerous articles on holistic health, wellness & wellbeing over the decades since he started practise nearly 30 years ago and specialising in naturopathic oncology since 1997. Blending the best of both medical and naturopathic / alternative medicine has always been the goal with both sides offering their own strengths when it comes to cancer diagnosis and treatments. Getting to causes as well as symptoms has always been the clinical goal. To this end David works with a range of hand picked professionals, all with different and dovetailing skill sets to help achieve the clinical goals of getting and keeping cancer patients well wherever possible. Natural is always better and keeping medical interventions to a minimum unless absolutely necessary is the aim.

Senior Naturopath David Holden offers ten things to think about if you have been diagnosed with cancer.

  1. Change your diet – cut out all sugars from processed & packaged foods, fizzy drinks, milk chocolate and any form of added sugar as it feeds cancer cells directly and is the #1 dietary intervention for ALL types of cancer. You can use Stevia safely instead but all other sweeteners need to be used very sparingly if you are serious about reversing cancer!
  2. Unload your emotional / mental stresses by using various Mind-Body techniques like Meditation, Prayer, Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gung, Massage, etc. We have experts that can help you with this well trained in a wide variety of Mind-Body techniques just ask! Learn Meditation: visit and do their FREE 5 day email “how to meditate course”.
  3. Take several specific high quality dietary supplements that will support, boost and activate your immune competence quickly like Vit C, Vit D3, Selenium, Zinc, ALA, NAC and a wide variety of Medicinal Herbal Medicines that need to be tailor made specifically for your case, there is NO one size fits all with cancer!
  4. Ask for professional help! You wouldn’t try and fix a complex modern motor vehicle that needs to be hooked up to a sophisticated diagnostic computer1 as you wouldn’t have the equipment or the knowledge. Go to reputable well qualified and experienced practitioners who know what they are talking about and have a proven track record of help with your specific type of cancer. If in doubt, ASK!
  5. Start exercising if you aren’t already. Research clearly shows that women who have had a brush with breast cancer can reduce their reoccurrence by 40% on average with just 45 mins of Cardio exercise DAILY. Why isn’t this taught in Medical Oncology wards throughout the world? Because no money can be made from it or any exercises patented for profit that’s why! Watch and learn about HIIT on YouTube
  6. Get real about the side effects of conventional Medical Oncology treatments as most are very toxic and will shorten life. Chemotherapy is extremely profitable for drug companies and money is a very strong motivator to use it and many doctors pressure patients to have it with no other options offered. This is an insult to our intelligence as unfortunately chemo on its own is largely ineffective according to a 5 year Meta-Analysis done by Dr Ralph Moss and like antibiotics is overused by Oncologists world-wide for a wide range of reasons too detailed to go into here. This does NOT include the new Immuno-Therapy drugs (e.g. Keytruda for Melanoma and lung cancer) that are proven performers and do save and lengthen life significantly at a price. Most are well into 5 figures for a month’s supply so unless you have comprehensive health insurance or a fat bank account these therapies are largely unaffordable by most people, unless funded by the tax payer which more and more are. If in doubt, ASK your Medical Oncologist!
  7. Balance your pH as cancer thrives in an acid environment. We have sophisticated testing strips and pleasant and safe tasting Alkalising powders and sachets that work well and quickly to help until lifestyle interventions kick in reducing the need for these in many cases with the appropriate repeat testing and measuring.
  8. Do explore the wide range of Alternative and Complementary therapies that are out there for cancer as many are very effective at symptom control and management and many will help stimulate a remission in many cases if the cancer is treated in the early stages (1 & 2). Those most effective according the WHO are TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture), Hypnotherapy / Mind-Body Medicine and Dietary, Nutrition and Naturopathic Lifestyle interventions as most of these broach the causes of the cancer not just treat the symptoms.
  9. Detoxification is a vital part of a Holistic Treatment Regime with all types of cancer. Many cancers are caused by Xenobiotic toxins like Pesticides, Insecticides, Heavy Metals, Solvents, Exhaust fumes and the myriad of over 4.7 Billion other toxic chemicals that are all too common in our modern 21st Century environment. Most exposures are preventable or at least treatable but unfortunately are largely ignored by Western Medical Oncology. These can be accurately detected and removed with sophisticated testing and treatment in expert hands. This is what we do best at Holden HealthCare!
  10. Get specific Naturopathic Oncology & Integrative Medical Treatments for cancer that have a scientific evidence base and are proven to work like Mega dose IVC & Vit D3 / GSH / GcMAF / Medicinal Cannabis / Ozone / B17 Laetrile / Salvesterols / Artemesin / TBL-12 / MMS, etc. Every case is different and needs expert help to tailor make a program for you and your specific case. If you don’t know about these you owe it to yourself to educate yourself about them as most Medical Oncologists have no idea how effective these treatments are because they are not trained in their use unfortunately!

This list is not exhaustive but is a good start! For help or any questions please contact us

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