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Aah, the holidays –  after Christmas & New Year, some of us have enjoyed Auckland Anniversary weekend, and those of us in New Zealand have Waitangi Day off to look forward to on 6th February.

Even if we don’t go away on holiday, we can still enjoy a “staycation”. It is a good opportunity to take stock of our lives, re-evaluate & perhaps re-set the course for the coming year. This may be in the form of establishing small good habits (eg, ensuring there is no food or dirty dishes left on the kitchen bench before leaving the house) to bigger things, like reducing portion sizes or committing to a regular exercise regime, or deciding whether what we do for work is really what we want to be doing with our lives.

The Build-Up of Stress

The build-up to Christmas and the summer holidays can be a very stressful time, something noted in an article in “The Listener” by an overseas author just before Christmas 2017; they marvelled how, unlike the Northern Hemisphere, we have Christmas, New Year, summer holidays and the end of the academic year all at once – no wonder many of us feel under pressure.

The summer break can be a good opportunity for us to examine how we manage our stress and we can explore coping strategies which suit us best. Stress is something we all have from time to time – some people more than others. Sometimes it can be good (helping us focus to meet a deadline), sometimes not so good (eg trying to fit too many things into one day, or making a presentation to a boss or to colleagues or to a public audience). Scientifically speaking, stress is an evolutionary adaptation to help us survive. It temporarily increases awareness & can improve physical performance for short periods of time. It speeds up the heart rate, breathing & raises blood pressure, which keeps us alert and tense. However, this is not meant to be sustained for long periods of time, as it can initiate health problems such as anxiety attacks, hypertension & obesity.

Some of us are stressed more often, & some of us stress out about everything. We can feel stressed even when there’s nothing specific we can identify as the cause – we are just tense and anxious all the time. This is where stress has evolved into chronic stress. This is nothing to be guilty about, it just is, and sometimes we need to seek support from an outside source. This is where making an appointment with a health professional comes in.

In some cases, going down the medical route may be appropriate. A visit to a GP may result in medication, perhaps only short-term, to give you space to sort yourself out. A GP may also refer you on to a specialist.

Natural Ways

However, in many cases, a visit to a naturopath for an overview of where you are at and for a safe place to discuss the problem & the factors contributing to it and to put in place a holistic plan is a good place to start. Naturopaths will discuss with you your lifestyle and help identify hotspots which may be causing distress & disturbing your equilibrium and then help you troubleshoot accordingly. You can be assured that you will be treated with respect and compassion, and of course everything discussed remains confidential. We look at diet, exercise and how you spend your down-time & tailor-make a strategy. It may be surprising just how effectively a little regular exercise can decompress stress and anxiety!

Meditation (or prayer) may provide answers. The adrenalin we experience when we are in stress mode is directly counteracted by meditation, which induces the exact opposite thing in the body; it slows down breathing, heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

Meditation does not have to be a big commitment – just a few minutes a day can make a big difference. It’s enough just to establish the habit.

Also, disregard the popular myths about “emptying the mind”. Meditation is about being present and paying attention to your thoughts.

In our clinical practice we have had some excellent results with clients who have chosen to go with guided meditation or imagery; they choose a setting which they particularly relate to and conduct themselves through a progressive meditation or pathway. This can be done either still and quiet in a room in your house, or, if you are that kind of person, it can be an active meditation, that is, done while walking. There are many apps you could look at, or ask your naturopath.

Then the idea is to try & apply the mindfulness mindset to your life in general; practise calming your mind and centring yourself whenever you can.

Sometimes when you come to talk to us about stress and anxiety management, as well as diet, exercise & lifestyle discussion we may prescribe a herbal formula, herbal tea or a supplement designed to help you relax.

The beginning of the year is a great time to address the issues of stress and anxiety, to take control and put a plan in place. If this is something you need help with, please do not hesitate to call us on 09 282 3588 to book an appointment with Marion or David.

By David Holden, Senior Naturopath & BioChemist

specialising in Naturopathic Oncology

That’s the stats and it needs to change, and the reality is you are the only one that can make your own stats change. Lifestyle Medicine is the science behind lifestyle and how it affects your health and the impact it makes on it. Diet, exercise, relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, attitude all make an enormous difference on gene expression and whether you will get what your parents had. These are all areas your GP has had little training in as a rule. Naturopaths & Health Coaches do extensive training in all these areas and know well their impact on health stats and outcomes.

This Blue September for Prostate Cancer awareness do something about your risk and get tested via a simple PSA blood test and prostate exam if you are over 50 and especially if you have a family history of a father or grandfather or uncle who had or has prostate cancer. If you have a partner with a risk profile in the immediate family then ask him to get tested, it could save his life!

In the early stages BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) or swelling of the prostate gland can be helped a lot with Lifestyle Medicine. Usual symptoms are the dribbles when peeing, having to get up at night to pee urgently, reduced urinary flow and /or pain or discomfort in the prostate area & sexual issues. This condition isn’t life threatening but it is a bloody nuisance and can make many Men’s lives a misery, especially at night and can play havoc with their sex lives.

Here at HHC we use advanced testing and scientific analysis to accurately assess your lifestyle and its impact on your health & wellness. If you show elevated risk we can teach you how to reduce it significantly. It really is a case of getting things early and acting sooner than later to get the best results with your health short, medium & longer term. Think of your health as your best investment. Without it, saving for retirement is, frankly, futile if you won’t live long enough or aren’t well enough to enjoy it. You spend money on your vehicle and toys so spend on you and reap the benefits.

Book you or your male partners Prostate Month Blue September Wellness Check-up this month and save over $125! It may be the best investment in your health you ever made!

BOOK NOW call 09 282 3588 or email us

By David Holden, ND, MS, Senior Naturopath & BioChemist

This is a Health Issue we should ALL be concerned about especially in Prostate Cancer Blue Month.

As a health aware male Health Practitioner, I see way too often men who finally come in for a Wellness Checkup when they have been sitting on a major health issue for far too long.  Unfortunately, it has reached the stage where it is already hugely impacting their quality of life.  Only due to pressure from their wife, partner, sister or daughter, do men agree to seeking help, IF they finally listen.

Men can be fastidious about maintaining their vehicles and homes though ironically, they ignore their most important asset – their health!  Without good health, all the money in the bank is worth little if you are unable to be around to enjoy it with family and friends.

I have had many very wealthy Men come and see me after a serious health diagnosis, offering me vast sums of money if I can cure them and take their health problems away with a magic bullet.  In some cases, I have to tell them I can’t because they have left things too late! It takes 10-20 years for the body to develop most cancers and advanced CVD (Heart disease).  If men received regular health checks much can be done during these years to change the course of your health history for the better.

Like investments, car, and house maintenance your body and mind need constant attention as you get older. Please give your dad and/or partner a nudge if he hasn’t been for a checkup for over a year, especially if he is over 50. Small issues can develop into big ones when we avoid addressing them.  Most health issues can be dealt with quickly if caught early.

Does your Father or Partner identify with the following?

If the answer is yes, now is your chance to show him some love and shout him a heavily discounted Wellness Check up with someone who knows what to look for. I see advanced cases of Prostate Cancer / CVD / and /Diabetes every day of the clinic week. Addressing these early is ALWAYS best.


Minor health issues like snoring, beer belly, that disgusting rash or itch that doesn’t go away, smelly farts, poor eating habits and excessive coffee, energy drinks or alcohol consumption all can develop into serious health issues if not nipped in the bud early.

Women who are still mostly in the role of primary caretakers for infants and toddlers naturally extend this to themselves as part of their feminine nature.  Health statistics are evidence of this.  Mothers visit health practitioners with their children more frequently than fathers do. Women are in the habit of nipping things in the bud and dealing with them by getting professional advice far more quickly than men are. This is one major reason why women outlive men according to Worldwide Statistics. Women are used to taking care of themselves and others more. They are more interested in preventative health care which is what Alternative & Complementary Medicine is ALL about.  Alternative medicine encourage Nutrition, Lifestyle changes, Mindfulness, Herbs and Supplements instead of drugs wherever possible.

Changing the culture for male health is going to be a generational thing. “Metrosexual” and Gay men are far more health aware these days and there are a lot more treatment options than there have ever been.  Doctor, Naturopath, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Massage Therapist, who do I go to for what and when?? It is great to see more younger men not only taking an active interest in their cars and sports but also their health, vitality, skin care and grooming.  This is a positive sign of future trends which we should all encourage.

We would like to offer you this great opportunity to purchase a Wellness Check-up for our $99 special (saves over $100!) is a smart way to be proactive with your health.

You will be able to identify the following:

In all cases prevention is way better than cure so encourage the men in your life to get checked out.  Statistics indicate people most likely to read this article are Female!

Our $99 Wellness Check up Special with Senior Health Practitioner David Holden includes:

  1. Blood Pressure test, with diet, lifestyle & supplement advice on how to drop it naturally without drugs.
  2. Getting your lipids (Cholesterol) tested and how to drop it if elevated without drugs.
  3. Specific Oxygen Test (determines fitness and if you are at risk of CVD / Cancer) and what to do about it if low.
  4. Antioxidant Laser Scanner Test with our new high tech S3 Scanner to see if you can improve the Antioxidants in your diet to prevent all major diseases.
  5. Casting an eye over your diet and recommending some food substitutes where necessary to boost your health & wellness score. Small changes over time give BIG results!
  6. Reviewing your pre-filled out HAQ (Health Appraisal Questionnaire) and discussing any areas that may need attention now or in the future. Nip potential health issues in the bud now.
  7. Testing your VLA (Vitality, Longevity & Anti-Ageing) score and finding out your Biological Age.
  8. Get your Quantum Health Score done to see if any of your internal organs need support or a change in lifestyle to reduce the risk of disease over time

This testing and discussion takes a full 60 minutes and is one of the best gifts you can give your Dad / Father / Husband / Brother – the gift of Health!

A printed out report with recommendations is given as a part of this Wellness Check up.
If you would like to take advantage of this exclusive offer then please call our office manager Jax Nicholls and make a time slot – this genuine discounted offer is for bookings made in September only! Save over $100!!

Email or call 09 282 3588 NOW!

Real Wealth = Good Health – without Health, Wealth is nothing!

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The BioMat produces Negative Ions, nature’s energizer, which deliver a molecular level massage. This accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes.

Cell-Growth Promotion

Far-Infrared Rays promote cell-growth and cell-regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that by increasing the infrared level in your body, you will have more energy to grow and re-grow cells in your body. Far infrared wavelengths are very long, so they provide you with life-giving energy.

Sleeping Aid

We also know from research that far-infrared regulation has what scientists call a sleep modulator effect. FIR can help to calm your body, and help you sleep.

Blood-Circulation Enhancement

Far-infrared radiation has been proven to aid blood-circulation, particularly what is called ‘microcirculation’ among the capillaries in your skin. For a while scientists believed that it was merely having heat around you that aided microcirculation, but a recent study has shown that isn’t true. Far-infrared radiation is more ably suited than mere ‘conductive’ heat in promoting increased and more effective blood circulation.

Better Circulation of Bodily Fluids

Blood is not the only bodily fluid whose ‘motility’ or circulation ability is increased by far-infrared radiation. Far-infrared radiation increases the flexibility of your blood vessels generally speaking, and as a result, everything in the body reaches its destination more quickly. It also helps to speed up your overall fluid transportation.

People Feel Happier

In one recent study, Far-infrared radiation emitting discs were placed under subjects pillows while they slept without their realizing it. Subjects with the radiation emitting discs under their pillows reported a statistically significant increase in their satisfaction levels after several nights with the discs under their pillows. This was in comparison with those who had a placebo disc, so as to weed out placebo effects.

Increased Antioxidant Activity

We all know the benefits of antioxidants. They help us fight the aging process. Well, it turns out that far-infrared radiation promotes antioxidant production in the body4.

Healing Power for Wounds

Because far infrared radiation increases the body’s circulatory power, it can help wounds to heal by bringing cells the nutrients they need to repair themselves. Far infrared radiation helps to repair tissue that is damaged as a result of diabetes mellitus, reconstructive surgeries or other chronic and acute damage.

Here is a summary of the benefits of using the BioMat:

Holden HealthCare are proud to announce that we are distributors of the BioMat. Come into the clinic to see the range on offer.

Why not drop into our Clinic to experience what the Biomat can do for you? Call Jax, our lovely clinic manager, now to book a session on 09 282 3588.

For more information, go to the BioMat website.

With the warmer weather starting to come through, many of us are starting to dust off the exercise gear and training shoes to get fitter for the summer.
Sometimes we can get put off from exercising because of the aches and pains that can follow. This can be offset by proactive self-care strategies.

Firstly, we need to ensure that we are adequately hydrated before, during and after exercise. Filtered water is the best, however those of us who exercise intensely or in the hot sun and sweat heavily may be wise to replace lost electrolytes as well. Adding ⅛ teaspoon of Himalayan or Real Salt to a litre bottle of water is effective; ½ teaspoon of maple syrup together with a squeeze of half a lime (or small lemon) can help the taste as well as replacing some glucose.

A sachet of Lypospheric Vitamin C or other good quality vitamin C, such as Naturopath’s Own Daily C at 1000mg dose per day, is effective as an antioxidant and to help repair micro-tears in sore muscles.

Turmeric is a spice native to the Spice Islands and has long been used in Asian cuisine and medicine. The same part of the plant, the rhizome, has been used in Western herbal medicine since the Middle Ages and has enjoyed a revival in recent times. By its stimulating action on general circulation and also its anti-inflammatory properties, it is of value in bringing symptomatic relief to musculoskeletal aches and pains, with particular focus on joint mobility. It’s valuable not only to those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis for this reason, but also for those of us with an active lifestyle.

Turmeric has become well-known as a liver and gallbladder tonic and as such it is well regarded as supportive in those undergoing radiation therapy and there are clinical trials demonstrating turmeric’s potential benefit in cancer patients. It is useful in treating skin conditions where they are associated with impure or coagulated blood, especially in radiation dermatitis.

Therapeutically, the bioavailability of Turmeric has been questioned, and research has shown that it is much better absorbed in the human body when
taken with some form of fat. This is why Ayurvedic (Indian) use of Turmeric combines it with milk or yogurt. Recipes for these are available at the clinic.
Of course, as a food the concentration is limited for therapeutic uses, although it is fine for maintenance levels. For more focused therapy, 1 -2 tablets per day of Turmeric, containing not less than 90mg of the active curcumin and phospholipids for absorption per tablet, is the best way of delivering an effective dose.

If you would like to follow this up, please contact me at Holden Healthcare to discuss if this is right for you. Turmeric is contraindicated for pregnant women and at high doses for people who are taking blood-thinners and some anti-inflammatory medications.

Marianne Stobie, Senior Naturopath at Holden Healthcare.

David Holden ND is a natural on TV. Gerrard Smith, the host of  longest running New Zealand talk show, The Beat Goes On, interviews Holden Health Care’s David Holden on Weight Loss, Longevity, and Vitality for the older generation. Click on the interview here.


Holden Health Care is located in Takapuna at 7 Anzac Street across from the Berkeley Cinema – Level 1, Suite 2. Come see David for your Health Assessment and then Mary Garner for your program.  See all Testing at David Holden website. Ring:   09 282 3588 or for booking and information.

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