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Phone: (0274) 837 188
Open: Tues-Fri 10am-6pm

Get premium quality supplements at discount prices!

Holden HealthCare (HHC) want to make accessing top quality Practitioner Only level supplements easier and cheaper for you. How? By registering directly with the suppliers that’s how.
If you have been prescribed Metagenics, 7.2, ASEA, Pharmanex, Bioceuticals, Bio-Medica, Quest, BioPractica or any of the other top practitioner quality product lines that are not available in Health Food Shops or Pharmacies,  we can now legally supply you direct from the manufacturer. This cuts out the middle man so you get the products direct.

Register now with Holden HealthCare by contacting our HHC Office ManagerJax Nicholls
Phone: (09) 282 3588 or
Jax will set up your account with you with the wholesalers for these specialist lines that you require.

This is a FREE service at HHC!

Why are these ranges Practitioner Prescribed only?

Because in Australia & now NZ there are 3 levels of quality products available – Supermarket quality which is the lowest, usually made to a tight budget, often manufactured in China to a standardised formula with inferior ingredients often contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides, insecticides or inactive ingredients that reduce the effectiveness of these supplements, herbs or biochemics. These are not the best quality because of cost cutting and should be avoided for all these reasons above.

Then there is Health Food Shop & Pharmacy Only Quality; about half of these brands are similar to Supermarket quality and are best avoided for the same reasons; but some of these brands are actually very good and can be used safely in conjunction with your top Level Practitioner Only brands. These are the top level, and are dearer for a reason, because these brands don’t compromise on ingredient quality, have vigorous Quality Control (QC) and are well formulated for optimal absorption. Many are certified ORGANIC like 7.2 which means there are absolutely no synthetic chemicals or sprays that come anywhere near the products whatsoever. These are ideal for all discerning consumers especially those with serious illnesses like Cancer, CVD, Diabetes & Arthritis that are chronic nutrient deficiency based diseases often spanning decades, so it can take years of supplementation & good diet to correct such imbalances.

What we do is set you up with an account with these companies or their official distributors in NZ which has several advantages to you: you get them direct so in the case of Metagenics you get the product the next day if you are in the greater metropolitan Auckland area and the day after if in a rural district or the South Island depending on the courier service offered in your locale. You also get them cheaper especially if your regular monthly order is over a specific value, so you won’t get charged a courier fee. This level varies with most companies but is usually over $200 or $250 per order depending on the specific company’s delivery policies. Ask when you place your order so you can get this reduction.

South Island orders usually have a higher $ threshold due to the extra courier charges from Auckland as most overseas based companies now have their head offices in Auckland with a few exceptions. 7.2 & ASEA still comes from Sydney but that will change as both company’s become more established in NZ.
With product lines that are specialist ones that we stock at HHC direct you can get discounts by being a member of our new HHC Bulk Buyers Club. This is when you order 3 or even 10 of the same product, that we stock at HHC then we will give you a discount, 5% off for 3 of anything and 10% off for 10 of anything freight free if your order is over $200 in Akld and $250 to rural districts. This all adds up, so if like most of us you have a budget for supplements, herbs and other medicines this is an excellent way of getting the best prices and the best service!

Simple, easy and cheaper than over the counter or retail. If you are unsure how the system operates please send an email to Jax on the front desk.

We have Fee Funders options for spreading payment of selected packages and equipment. Contact us for further details.

Talk to us!

Have a free no-obligation 10-minute conversation with David Holden, our Senior Naturopath. He will explain what is on offer, and help you decide whether Holden HealthCare is right for your needs.

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