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Vivienne Berry

vivienne-berryVivienne Berry has been changing people’s lives for 40 years.  An internationally recognised pioneer in coaching and healing modalities, Vivienne has advanced her techniques whilst working through her own trauma and healing. With many clients and practitioners around the world, Vivienne is renowned for her highly developed understanding of the human psyche and spirit. Her intense and internally focused process emphasises how to carry a transformative experience out of the coaching room and into daily life.

With meticulous guidance, Vivienne’s clients and students cultivate an acute awareness of their own ontological process, resulting in a significant journey into self-discovery, state management and alignment with their authentic self.

For Viv, an internally focused process is the gateway to:

  • Developing Self awareness
  • Managing Stress
  • Healing the body
  • Emotional and Spiritual Stability
  • Improving Relationships
  • Cultivate lasting change

Vivienne’s passion is coaching individuals out of their negative states and into taking 100% responsibility for their thoughts, deeds, words and actions. Her profound techniques bring the individual into a fully embodied state, where they are fully connected with their spirit and soul and no longer go through life feeling fragmented.

“I aim to up-level the consciousness of the individual, so they listen to self, honour their bodies and learn to manage their emotional states.  Improving the way, they relate to themselves and with others is key to creating more functional and harmonious families and communities. Ultimately this is how we diminish the negative consequences we can have on other humans, animals and the planet”

Her extensive study and clinical application of healing modalities, including Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Mythology and Spiritual Wisdom Traditions always inform her work. In her life-long pursuit of becoming a more evolved being, coach and trainer, Vivienne has undertaken intimate studies in NLP, Multiple Braining, Breath Work and Holographic Kinetics.

Vivienne is a certified NLP Master Trainer, Mbit Master Trainer and practitioner of Holographic Kinetics. She sits on the board of ‘Local Community Centre’ and has contributed to NZ Global Health TV series.

Vivienne coaches individuals face-to-face in her Auckland clinic or over Skype. She continues to train and mentor practitioners and master coaches throughout the year across New Zealand and Australia.

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