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by David Holden, ND, MS (USA) Specialist Naturopath & Nutritional BioChemist

As many of you know I had 5 years of Medical Science training back in the 1980’s & 1990’s while based at the National Health Institute in Wellington, before I became a Specialist Naturopath in Oncology. As a science-based practitioner trained in critical thinking, I must look at the evidence to make any conclusions about Medical or Naturopathic treatments and their efficacy, as well as weight up the risks versus benefits. From all my hundreds of hours of research on this topic I have several alarm bells ringing in my ear and I’ll explain why I am against the government narrative that makes me suspicious of this covid 19 vaccine, which is a misnomer.

It’s not a vaccine at all, it is an experimental mRNA human gene modification trial, and recent disclosures reveal it contains a nasty biotoxin called Graphene Oxide which is in large part responsible for the high numbers of negative side effects being reported outside of the MSM (Mainstream Media). The other fact that is being glossed over by the MSM is this ‘vaccine’ was rushed through under emergency provisions which were passed by significant pressure placed on national governments around the globe by the WHO / UN.

Bill Gates founder and financial benefactor of GAVI, the international vaccine alliance that is behind most of the funding (and bribery & corruption) behind the UN & WHO around all vaccines – not just covid, is a major player in what has become a global conspiracy. All the info presented has been fact checked and scientifically validated and a full list of references is below this article. You can also view this same info as a PowerPoint presentation on our website: www.HoldenHealthCare.com .

The Pfizer covid 19 vaccine trial doesn’t end until July 2023. So until this date the experimental ‘vaccine’ results won’t be in, but already many expert medical doctors, scientists & immunologists world-wide (Dr’s Tenpenny, Madej, Malkovits, Cowan, Mercola, et al) are raising alarm bells that this new vaccine technology has created more adverse events than ALL other vaccines ever given in history combined! And yet it is being rolled out at a lightning pace to save money in the longer term by supposedly stopping people developing serious illness and clogging up hospital wards with very ill patients.

The WHO / UN projections were all western hospitals would be full to overflowing with seriously ill cases. Now that modelling 2 years later is being seriously criticised for these overly pessimistic estimates. There have been huge financial incentives to get hospital administrators to label causes of death to covid, when the patients were probably going to die anyway with other serious illnesses, but covid is blamed if they tested positive within 48 hours of death, regardless of the real cause of death. In this way the hospitals get more much needed funding and this is happening right now especially in the USA, EU & UK. Most likely in Australia & NZ too but I don’t have intel on this official practise downunder as yet but it is coming.

Are you sensing something is wrong here like I am?

There are so many issues with this ‘global pandemic’ that just don’t add up, and as someone with medical training it doesn’t make logical sense to me. Too many financial incentives are being waved around by GAVI & Gates that have heavily distorted the facts & figures and the MSM is complicit in this game of winning the mass populations OK with what is going on. This reeks of a well-planned, well-oiled, co-ordinated & very well-funded global campaign with global national government overreach. Extra police powers are being given to stop dissension and protests including mass multi-media censorship & shutting down open public debate because some of the holes in the authority’s narrative you can drive busses through. I thought censoring open public debate is against our inalienable rights in the so called democratic Western world?

Bottom line – we are all being played and most people can’t see it for what it is, greed, power and corruption at the highest levels of our governments and international alliances being dictated to by the WHO & UN paid for by Gates & GAVI with the huge profit incentives at the core of all decisions being made that will affect you and those you love right now and well into the future. This is a part of the ‘great reset’ but it will go much further than covid. Finance will be involved as well as every aspect of our lives with the State having much more power to intervene than it has now. This is very alarming and should be debated publicly and voted on by the public with BCIR (Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda) but we are not being given this choice.

The moves being proposed, mandated vaccines, vaccine passports, restrictions on small mum & dad businesses and huge losses in employment, freedom of movement and the fear & anxiety all this creates is no accident at all. It is all very well planned out from the start by already very powerful and wealthy sources around the planet. The drug companies alone have already made billions in manufactured ‘vaccines’ that national governments are being herded into using because of the corrupt and profit focussed distorted medical system that dominates most of the planet.

If governments were serious about protecting their citizens health & wellbeing, then they would be promoting self-empowerment methods to boost one’s immunity with very simple steps like I have outlined in previous articles, but the government mouthpieces remain silent. This is not about your health & wellbeing, it’s about absolute power and control and expanding the WHO / UN’s power base, reach and influence, and they don’t have a very good track record to fall back on. Read your history, do your own research, don’t take just my word for it.

This is what I was taught, and it goes counter to the fiscally based pharmaceutical narrative that is pushed so heavily by drug companies that dictate & influence, despite denials, a large part of the orthodox university medical curriculum in Western countries. This huge profit motive is what is behind the big push for everyone on the planet to receive this ‘vaccine’. From now on I’ll call it a jab as that is what it is, not a vaccine in the true sense of the word.

So using the cancer analogy we are being asked to use an experimental brand new technology (mRNA) and a potent biotoxin (Graphene Oxide) like chemo, to be injected into our veins when the real cause of covid is being suppressed and natural treatments & useful researched drugs that really are safe and effective are not being spoken of and in most cases are being massively censored by all the MSM in print, radio, TV and especially the internet.

For those of you that haven’t had direct experience with the medical system when in dire need, it is, to put it bluntly, distorted & corrupted by large corporate vested interests. Money is put above all else and drug company profits are no exception to this rule of thumb. Drugs are given first when simple lifestyle changes, holistic interventions and quality living can deal over time with many human aliments very effectively. There are obviously some specific exceptions as a result of accidents or stupidity!

I’m not against medical interventions, just don’t use them as your first line of defence when there are other techniques & therapies that are safer, cheaper and more friendly to the human ecosystem & the planet.

So no surprise that allopathic medicine has tried to outlaw & discredit its competition for centuries now supported by corrupt vested interest drug companies that have funded our medical schools with research grants and administrative funding as long as they teach pharmaceutical based medicine as their principle tools of trade and ignore other methods that are well proven to work. This attitude is being infused into the medical response to covid. Shutting out all other options and closing debate around their use.

Why is no or very little nutrition or environmental science taught at medical schools around the Western world?

Because they work and will eat into drug company profits plain & simple!

Right now where I’m standing, if you are a low risk group with no comorbidities (no Cancer, CVD, Diabetes, Lung disease, Obesity or any other chronic Medical condition) or are under 50, or are super fit and otherwise well, you would be very unwise to have the covid 19 trial experimental jab.

What’s the actual risk of me getting covid-19 and getting sick?

Because the WHO’s own statistics show you have a very low chance of actually getting covid in the first place; and even less so of getting seriously ill with it. Less than 0.3% of people actually do! I don’t want to belittle those that have become very ill from covid or like conditions, or have developed long covid (persistent tiredness, fatigue & immune weakness), or who have relatives or friends who have died from it, which is very rare in NZ & Aussie, but less so in India, the UK, EU, USA & China due to population sizes & density. Check out their own figures here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7947934/

I have already gone on internet radio with Vinny Eastwood and others at Voices for Freedom and United 4 Freedom with Counterspin Media and stated clearly my views on this artificial covid “plandemic” and the issues with the PCR test (not accurate enough too many false positives & negatives). Let me explain:

How accurate is the PCR test used as the primary diagnostic test for covid-19?

The PCR test was never designed for detecting viruses and has been misused. Even the inventor of the test, Kary Mullis, in 2018 said so before his untimely demise (was he murdered?) in August 2019. https://fcpp.org/2021/02/27/pcr-test-is-flimsy-say-inventor-and-courts/

Based on this fact the numbers for actual infections of covid 19 are massively inflated and to add insult to injury all the influenza infections and seasonal diseases metrics have been added to covid statistics to make them look even worse. And no one in the MSM is writing about this. Why?

As well as the censorship on mass from Western Governments (we are the only source of truth – Ardern), Media & Social Media (Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter) all heavily censored so mass censorship is occurring like we have never seen before in our history! Not since Nazi Germany and WW2!

Alternative theories on the causes of covid (it came from a lab not bats in nature!); how & why it all started (money & power, GAVI & the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation); the role of self-proclaimed Immunity expert Bill Gates who has no formal medical or immunology training; and even if the covid-19 virus is real or not. Many medical experts are now saying that covid is fictious, that no actual virus has been isolated and therefore covid as an organism doesn’t actually exist. The graphics shown on TV and the Internet are computer graphics that anyone can design and are not actual photos from an electron microscope:

Bottom line – I’m not a fan of this new mRNA technology at all. Less so of Graphene Oxide which is a highly toxic poison being injected into your veins with the covid shots.

No, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I believe in freedom of choice and will vigorously defend anyone’s right to not acquiesce to an unproven medical treatment / technology as is our legal right. And this is a big part of the picture that isn’t getting any media airtime; that this injection is an experimental treatment, that the Pfizer jab’s trial doesn’t finish until July 2023! So, we are the experiment!

Do you really want to be an unpaid guinea pig with a potentially dangerous new medical technology?

Is the covid vaccine more dangerous than the (fake) disease?

There is mounting evidence that the deaths and serious injuries from the jabs are going to out-number deaths supposedly caused by covid by a minimum of 5-6 x. This is a moving target as more people world-wide get the jabs and the figures rise exponentially. Those pro vaccine say this is normal and you can expect vaccine reactions with any vaccine but the large numbers being suppressed in the MSM far outweigh all other vaccines combined in our entire medical history – and we have only just started.

Yes, true more people world-wide are being jabbed for covid than any other vaccine in world history but these covid jab related deaths and serious injury numbers are immense and are only going to get worse!

Lack of real independent investigative journalism world-wide is concerning

What is appalling is the absolute lack of real investigative journalism all around the Western world. No one in the mainstream media is questioning the logic behind this mass over reaction to what is, essentially a bad flu, for 99.7% of the population (REF: Tenpenny, Majeb, Mikovits, Cowan, Coleman, Mercola). Should we shut down whole economies for this very low risk?

Absolutely not! The public is being conditioned over time that this fake vaccines is the only way to deal with the pandemic and it is totally false!

It is a total overreaction to otherwise normal levels of seasonal deaths from any other year of influenza. Here’s the reason why the mainstream media is not criticising or questioning the NZ government & official Medsafe / MoH / WHO / UN narrative on covid figures and the jab:

Our Labour led government has bought off the NZ media to the tune of over $55M with monthly payments on the condition they don’t critique this govt’s narrative or give air time to “conspiracy theories” and misinformation which is actually filling a massive hole because of the missing information that we are not being told officially. See for yourself here:

Hopefully by 2023 the main culprit for the huge numbers of deaths & jab damaged people and the nature of mRNA & Graphene Oxide will come out and the jab will be banned – but I’m not holding my breath.

Unfortunately, by 2023 it will be too late as the damage would have been done to the vast majority of the planets humans that will have the jabs, and many the booster shots, that are even more toxic as they contain more graphene oxide. I am still awaiting confirmation but from the Spanish research it appears the first two covid shots has up to 30% graphene oxide and the so called booster shots have up to 90%!

If the medical expert whistle-blowers are correct (Dr’s Sherri Tenpenny, Judy Mikovits, Carrie Madej, Vernon Coleman, Andrew Cowan, Joseph Mercola, et al) then it will be hard to cover up all the dead bodies and jab related serious injuries by the time the experimental covid 19 trials are complete in 2023. But we need time to see and the whole sense of urgency we are getting from the WHO is part of this strategy to force world governments into taking emergency actions & rush legislation that bypass the normal WHO safety checks & balances with vaccines.

The government & WHO mantra that the jab is ‘safe & effective’ cannot be scientifically proven yet and won’t be until mid to late 2023 at the earliest. Even the most medically conservative are recommending we need to wait till the trials have finished before we jump to such conclusions. This is why I’m not recommending getting the jab. We need more real time data and we will have to wait till mid 2023 before that info is officially available. When this is done the real effects of the jab will be revealed (unless it is distorted and suppressed which in this political climate is a very real risk). The MSM (media) is as complicit as the medical bureaucracy in this whole sordid affair.

What can we do to protect ourselves and boost our immunity?

Just a simple example of the type of censorship that my part of the Health Sector has to put up with; there are other WELL PROVEN therapies that help our immune systems deal with all viruses not just covid, by taking high doses of Zinc, Lypospheric Vitamin C and Vit D3 & K2 in sufficient amounts (not the RDA – Ridiculous Daily Allowance) to boost your existing immune system and provide protection that has a significant and profound effect on lowering your chances of developing a serious infection if you get exposed to any flu or virus including coronaviruses.

We have published numerous articles on this website explaining how to boost your health against covid (see links at bottom of this article). The information that we offer helps your body’s defences not only against covid – SAFELY and NATURALLY – but also against ALL other flus, colds and infections.

Why is this info not being broadcast widely?

Because they don’t have your best interests at heart.

In the West our medical training doesn’t include the scientific disciplines of Clinical Nutrition or Environmental Health so no medically trained officials at Medsafe or the MoH or the WHO / UN have a clue about how to treat people with anything other than drugs or surgery or psychiatry. And this fact becomes blatantly obvious when you delve into the depths of Allopathic Medicine as I have done in my 33year career in Naturopathic & Alternative Medicine. No alternatives are offered to the standard pharmaceutical line that drugs come first because that’s where the profit and medical bias is.

What can I do to help detoxify the covid 19 vaccine if I have already had a shot?

The primary biotoxin in the jab is Graphene Oxide as previously mentioned. This highly toxic compound is believed to be up to 30% in the first two Pfizer shots, and up to 90% in the third & fourth booster shots.

So the first line of defence is not to have any of them, if you have then start taking care of yourself by the nutritional interventions I have mentioned above as well as culling processed foods, junk and sugar in all its guises out of your diet as these are proven to weaken the human immune system. Start exercising to get fitter and clean up your diet by removing all the common allergy triggers like wheat, gluten, cows dairy and too much red meat in your diet as well as deep fried or overly fatty foods.

Take Quercetin & Glutathione in significant doses as well as N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) available from Natural Medicine Practitioners and several Practitioner Only Dietary Supplement companies. These compounds have been researched to help detoxify Graphene Oxide and allow your liver & kidneys to excrete these potent biotoxins rendering them harmless over time if you have the correct dose.

But the longer you leave it after the jab the worse the cellular damage so get onto this immediately! If you have had the first jab refuse anymore and tell your family & friends about this as their very lives may depend on you doing so. This is not a time to be quiet folks! If you don’t have an account with any of the companies so you can access these dietary supplements that are getting increasingly hard to obtain please contact me and I can set up an account for you as the good brands aren’t available easily OTC and will soon be restricted just like their drug equivalents have been, see below:

Really effective Pharmaceuticals against Covid-19 are banned in the West

Why is it that the two most proven as effective drugs that stop covid like symptoms in its tracks and turn seriously ill patients around from ICU’s all around the world within 5 days according to an Italian study – Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin have been banned and restricted?

Both drugs were readily available for decades until recently since covid became a thing. Neither can be prescribed by doctors in any Western country now including NZ & Aussie. If doctors prescribe them, they risk censure and investigation & the possibility of being struck off.

Why would the authorities do that?

This throws up complicity in an artificially created crisis, as if you really wanted to stop covid why would you ban effective treatments? Why would you not publicly talk about and encourage well known, effective & cheap treatments that can reduce population susceptibility to infection? And these measures dramatically help infected people get well faster without hospital interventions! This raises more questions than it answers!

No one is talking in the mainstream media (MSM) about Zinc, Vitamin C & D3 & K2 in preventing all colds & influenzas, not just covid. This smacks of something bigger and more insidious on a global scale than we have ever seen before in our history. If you keep asking these hard questions like I have you inevitably come to some striking conclusions and you don’t have to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to believe this either.

I won’t go into these here as the rabbit hole goes very deep, but suffice it to say that there is a lot going on that we aren’t being told about and the role of Bill Gates in all of this and GAVI, the organisation that he founded and funded has a lot to do with the strangle hold on information and the rigid stance of governments all over the planet to this orchestrated crisis. Put simply they have all been bought out by Gates and his organisations like GAVI. Follow the money folks, as if he doesn’t already have enough. Gates has huge shareholdings in at least 3 of the vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer & AstraZeneca) and other interests that are being well remunerated by world governments being forced into buying billions of his vaccines & the new covid 19 medicines coming to a Pharmacy near you soon. .

If you are tired of the trite, worn out mainstream narrative like I am then have a look at www.therealnews.nz for scientifically credible information with references that you will NEVER get in the mainstream media. If you want to speak with others who share your suspicions and don’t like what they are seeing in governments around the world, not just in NZ & Aussie contact: www.voicesforfreedom.co.nz and www.United4Freedom.co.nz who have local groups all over NZ willing to ask the hard questions unlike our bought off media.

What to do to mitigate negative side effects if you have already had the vaccine?

Well firstly don’t have it! But if its too late and you have had it, please report any side effects you get from the jabs to CARM (Centre for Adverse Reactions in Medicine) online based in Dunedin: https://www.medsafe.govt.nz/Profs/PUarticles/ADRreport.htm

However many are telling us that their GP or Nursing staff are reluctant to place adverse reactions reports. Medsafe and the MoH is actively discouraging it! So you can also they Lynda Wharton’s Health Freedom NZ group on Facebook and register your reaction there.

It’s a legal requirement to report any vaccine adverse events that cause hospitalisation or death, but many reactions are not as severe but still totally life changing like strokes, blood clots and damage to the brain, heart, lungs, liver & uterus which is what the research reveals are the most commonly attacked organs by the spiked protein produced by an over reactive immune system triggered by the covid mRNA jabs. There are also many reports coming in of infertility soon after the jabs in both women & men. Why?

I repeat these jabs are NOT vaccines, mRNA has never been used before in such a way, so it is not only very new with as yet unknown and unproven effects, but these are potentially very dangerous. We just don’t know yet what the side effects (or main effects) really could be. Why was there such a stink kicked up about GMO’s in foods in the 1990’s yet no one is complaining about GMO’ing humans via injections!

A relatively new piece of info is that the largest part of the covid jab is made of Graphene Oxide (GO).

Don’t bother using Google to find out about it as its been largely censored. If you use DuckDuckGo or similar alternative uncensored search engines you will find out about its toxicology in humans. Here’s a link to the original research on Graphene Oxide and it isn’t pleasant to read especially if you or someone you love has had the covid jabs:

GO is a very toxic poison and can only be in the vaccine for one reason, to hurt people. This added to the mRNA that programs the recipients DNA to produce the spiked protein is what is the cause of the thrombosis and blood clots that are well under reported in the official covid jab reaction databases overseas where many more people have been vaccinated than presently in NZ. If the biochemistry & nano technology theory is correct then we will probably see a lot of covid jab related serious injuries and deaths in the future and “vaccidents”; accidents from people who get blood clots / strokes caused by the covid vax. I hope they are wrong but the incidents are piling up overseas so there is no reason that NZ & Aussie will be much different.

If you are considering taking the vaccine, don’t. If you already have or are forced to or no job then you can do several things to slow down the production of the spiked protein in your body by boosting your immune nutrients as mentioned above and use one of several natural remedies to help switch off the production of the spiked protein, but this is no easy feat and is not guaranteed because these new jabs are so new we still don’t fully understand what level of damage they could do to our precious immune systems. See my PP slide show for more info on protocols with things to take and what doses to get the best results for both adults & children, and where to get them from.

The covid 19 vax is a classic example of the treatments (lockdowns, masks, injections) are worse than the disease itself which only gives mild flu like symptoms for 99.7% of the population! Remember already the covid vax is killing & seriously injuring 5-6 x more people overseas than the actual virus is supposed to of killed even at inflated figures. NZ & Australia are poised to do the same as the Northern Hemisphere or possibly worse if we get close to the entire NZ population up to 90% vaccinated.

Let’s be real, the ONLY reasons governments are pushing an unproven vaccine is to rate limit damage & over-crowding in run down, sometimes mismanaged and often ineffective hospitals & mainstream health systems that have been run down for decades all around the Western world. Chronic underfunding has taken its toll on our health system. More money has gone to line the pockets of drug company coffers. AstraZeneca’s profit last financial year went up US$3.5B due to profits from the covid jab. This year and next Moderna (owned by Bill Gates), Pfizer & J & J will all make record profits due to covid vaxes & much more big pay days coming over the next decade on newer covid medicines. This is the real benefit from covid, follow the money, who has the most to gain? Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci & our very own Siouxsie Wiles to name just a few.

This is in no way to belittle the hard-working doctors & nurses especially who are underpaid, overworked and many also see through this sham called covid 19. It’s not a pandemic, it was planned and orchestrated to make specific companies a lot of money and to give governments a lot more power over the people. And it will cause potentially millions, if not billions of deaths and serious vaccine related injuries that will maim millions of people. Then the drugs companies will come up with new expensive highly profitable toxic treatments to treat these injured!

Wake up folks this is the real agenda here! It looks like Gates eugenics agenda is being played out right in front of our eyes and no one is talking about it in the MSM because Gates is censoring it: https://youtu.be/zqifLTv0lnk

To prove my point the passing of the Covid Response Act 2020, by the NZ government mirrors similar legislation now passed in all main Western jurisdictions by their very willing governments in the name of protecting citizens safety and wellbeing – yeah right!. There are now more legal reasons for the Police or Security forces to enter your home without a warrant, confiscate your property and lock you up over a bloody flu virus that some medical experts and immunologists still say doesn’t exist & is bare minimum government over reach, more likely a gross erosion of personal rights & freedoms our grandparents fought & died for!

Once you understand who is behind this, what their end game is and why, it all makes sense.

Covid 19 has served multiple agendas not the least being UN Agenda 21 & 2030.

No wonder it is so confusing for the lay public. Talk about mixed messages! The government, medical bureaucracy, WHO & Big Media & Big Tech thru social media conditions you to the govt narrative.

Time to take the blinkers off and smell the roses without a mask me thinks!

So, my advice remains don’t have the covid jab unless you like playing Russian Roulette with your health!

Remember Knowledge is Power!

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  1. The Real News – get any copy and have a read for the truth about what is really going on. You can read a copy free online at: www.theRealNews.nz
  2. Check out the Voices for Freedom website: www.VoicesForFreedom.co.nz to find out more from a concerned citizens viewpoint.
  3. Also get your hands on a recent copy of the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine: www.NaturalMedicine.net.nz to give you more insights into what is really going on and why.
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  10. Bill Gates link to covid vaccines & eugenics: https://youtu.be/zqifLTv0lnk
This article is solely the work of David Holden, and may not necessarily reflect the views of other Holden HealthCare practitioners.

An essay to get you thinking!

By David Holden, Alternative Medicine Practitioner,
Health Activist & Inner Change Consultant

Yes folks! There is a positive side to the global pandemic sweeping the planet and altering nearly all its inhabitants’ lives, unless you live under a rock!

There is so much mis-information on the internet, social, mainstream & alternative media about covid, its origins, whether it exists or not, as well as the ongoing debate about the benefits or harms of masks, to have a mandated covid vaccine or not, even if it works or causes harm and whether it is linked to 5G or not.

Then there is the whole debate about Trump and his relative inaction on covid in the USA. Why is he holding back? And is there any validity to his stance or is he just in denial because it doesn’t suit his political agenda? Is Q-Anon real, a hoax or just another CIA / NSA black Psyop?

I don’t have enough information at this time to offer a more informed view on the latter, but the former I have already stated my views on publicly, as these are important questions that not enough journalists are asking. As a free open society, we should be alarmed at this and question the mainstream narrative on these subjects. Rather than being debated they are being shut down. Why? Is there something to really hide here, or is it all just a waste of time and let’s get on with vaccinating the world and moving on from covid?

In summary for those of you that haven’t read or seen my previous articles or radio / internet interviews I’ve done over the past 6 months on the above subjects, I’ve concluded, after many hours research spent in lockdown:

*The Precautionary Principle is a scientific understanding that new breakthroughs in science & technology & its applications should err on the side of caution until we know with detailed, commercially independent, scientific testing if it really is safe before it is uncontrolled & rolled out to the mass market.

‘There’s no smoke without fire’ used to be my mantra on conspiracy theories, but over time I am starting to doubt the validity of some of them, while confirming others because of the science and what the benefits of hindsight has taught us as a species with the moving target that is covid-19. We have had less than a year’s experience with covid and the indications are it will be with us for some time yet, even with a successful safe vaccine which currently is an unknown.

Think about it. Covid targets the elderly, the infirm and all those with co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes, cancer, CVD, auto-immunity & elevated BP. These groups make up 90% of spending on Health in the Western world. This is starting to sound like a designer disease to wipe out those who are a huge drain on health systems around the planet. And from where I’m coming that’s exactly what it is!

Vaccines need a bare minimum 2 years to assess their benefit and given past controversies over triple vaccines, especially MMR, DPT & Twinrix – the Hep A & B vaccine & others that are known to have higher reaction rates than single vaccines, we need to be super cautious.

Orthodox medicine has covered up much of the negative press on vaccine reactions that span years after the injections, and are very hard to trace back to the originating vaccine because kids are being given so many these days. In Alternative Medicine circles vaccines are increasingly being seen as a significant contributing factor in the increase of weird neurological diseases like MS, PD, ALS and Autism spectrum disorders & some cancers.

More research needs to be done and this is being inhibited by medical authorities around the world because of vested commercial interests within big pharma and organised medicine that are making HUGE profits from vaccines.

Another major concern is the mRNA transcriptase technology in the new Moderna, Pfizer & other covid vaccines. This is a brand-new technology that has potential to permanently change & harm human DNA in ways we know little about. It is effectively genetically modifying humans by vaccination. I personally don’t want to be a guinea pig for that tech and neither should you unless you have a death urge or want to be a part of a huge uncontrolled experiment.

By my brief summary of facts above that are not being exposed in the mainstream media there is real reasons to be concerned. Why isn’t this information being discussed more openly? Why are posts that do try to discuss these being shut down so quickly to stifle debate?

As more information comes to light and as we learn more about how the covid vaccine stacks up we will know more, but until then we would be wise as a species to use the Precautionary Principle as a safety valve. This is not to say that new evidence will not change my mind on the above, it might, and I am open to changing my view if enough scientific evidence warrants it.

But I am firing a warning shot that these new technologies coming thick and fast may not be all they seem. We thought planting gorse and introducing possums was a good thing over 100 years ago in NZ and look what happened. This vaccine has the potential to be far worse. Gorse and possum’s, we can eradicate if we want to, and not with Glyphosate & 1080 either (that’s another story don’t get me started!) but once your DNA is altered, you can’t unscramble an egg.

I don’t want to be a conspiracy denier or a conspiracy theorist, rather a conspiracy factualist. Science deals with facts and absolutes and on the above issues there are many non-scientific assumptions being made, especially the human reactions physically, emotionally & psychologically to what we are all experiencing and how the media portrays what is going on. This has the hallmarks of a classic CIA / NSA / Mossad Black Psyop. I think we need to tread very carefully . . .

The facts do show us that we are seeing unprecedented (yes that word again!) censorship on the internet via Google, You Tube, Facebook and other mainstream media like CNN, Fox, BBC World, Sky TV, TVNZ, TV3, Radio NZ and others that should know better. Any subjects like the ones listed above have been banned. This is the modern equivalent of public book burning like the Nazis did in WW2. Is there a similarity with Nazi Europe that we are seeing playing out 75 years after the supposed end of WW2? Is the Nazis Eugenics agenda of WW2 being repeated but this time with needles, fear & deception instead of bullets, bombs and zyklon B gas?

The one world globalist view that the mainstream narrative is presenting as being ‘the sole source of truth’ by our beloved PM should raise eyebrows and get us thinking rather than accepting without question the validity of what we have just consumed in the media whether it be social, mainstream or alternative. Critical thinking is what is needed here before we jump to conclusions. Using the Precautionary Principle is the wisest course of action until we know more or better.

That aside I want to discuss the positives as I see them when discussing these issues with patients that visit me with very real anxieties about what they are reading and seeing, and friends and family are talking about, around covid. Given the media is deceiving us and the facts around statistics don’t stack up we have good reason to be concerned. This is normal.

Part 2: Staying healthy during Covid, mainstream media, and hidden agendas.

by David Holden, Naturopath & Nutritional Biochemist

In these challenging times during Covid-19 and the coming post Covid-19 era, now more than ever we need to pay attention to our immune system. Medical authorities aren’t telling you what to do other than social distancing, washing your hands and (or not) wearing a face mask.

The reality is there is so much you can do to be proactive to strengthen common immune weaknesses in winter, ideally before the really cold weather hits. In an article of this size I can only cover the basics, we do way more in consults both online and face to face when lockdown level 2 is activated. I won’t go into the politics of Covid-19 here; that’s for a face to face discussion!

There’s more you can to to protect yourself

It takes at least 2-6 weeks to fully elevate immune responses depending on your age, state of health and risk factors. All the research I’ve done shows there are specific nutrients and herbs that can help with immune activation and optimisation. Let’s cover the basics here and if you want something more specific to you please contact us to be tested to find out what your missing, so we can get specific in your particular case.

In a nutshell the key areas to look at are:

The standard advice for Covid-19

All the medical advice above, is obvious, especially hand washing as is well publicised. Face masks especially if you have an infection, mainly to protect others.

Diet for the immune system

Look at your diet, cutting out sugar and refined carbs as much as possible as they weaken the immune system and play havoc with your blood sugar levels adding to immune weakness.

Sleep boosts immunity and healing

Making sure you are sleeping well is crucial for active immunity aiming for 7-8 hours for adults more for teens and pre teens. If you’re not sleeping well contact us as we have options for you!

Supplements against viral infections

Increase your levels of vitamin C, D3, Zinc and vitamin A, especially so you can help prevent colds and flus before they circulate at school and in the workplace. Yes, your kids should be on these too!

But watch out for other factors affecting your immune system!

These are the most potent and indispensable of all the supplements out there to help prevent as much as possible all viral infections; there are many others but it all depends on your budget and your ability to enhance immunity.

The testing we do in the clinic assesses if you have xenobiotic toxins, synthetic chemicals like sprays, insecticide, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals and parasites, not just viruses, bacteria, fungi or worms. These all help suppress immunity and with Phenolic Homeopathy, herbal medicines and specific supplements we can significantly reduce their impact helping your immunity recover.

Nearly every patient we test has significant xenobiotic loading that is not looked at by conventional medicine at all. This is what we do and is a rapid way to restore immunity back to health and vitality. These toxins add to co-morbidities and this is what makes the difference between surviving or not, with serious infections.

Most all the fatalities reported in the media with Covid-19 are with people who have other serious illnesses or who are aged and invariably on a plethora of pharmaceuticals that have their own side (main) effects.

Vitamin C – the different types

We all know the benefits of vitamin C in helping shorten the length or duration of a colds and flus, and there is good evidence that Zinc & vitamin C combined will help prevent colds and flus and certainly shorten their length if taken regularly during the cooler winter months. I can recommend the better-absorbed products that will work more cost-effectively than many products available over the counter, usually at cheaper cost and easier to dose up to effective levels. The key is absorption, especially as we age.

With many formulas available you just don’t get the best absorption especially if you are already immune compromised or over 40. This is why Lypospheric C is best as it is very well absorbed and stays in the blood stream for longer, giving you better protection, but some brands taste disgusting and aren’t easy to use. I use several liquid forms as they taste much better are cheaper than sachet brands and stay active in the blood stream longer than straight vitamin C powders or tabs.

Why is medicine overlooking Intra Venous Vitamin C?

What isn’t being broadcast in the media is that IVC (Intra Venous Vitamin C) will actually eliminate most viruses on contact, as will ozone, but both are expensive to use and ideally should be given in a clinical setting. Many Integrated Doctors are now doing IVC but not Ozone – both are frowned upon by orthodoxy; I won’t go into the politics here but there is little money to be made by drug companies with either!

Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol – what we now know

But what about vitamin D3? (Not D2 which has minimal immune benefit). This is a fat-soluble vitamin and takes weeks to get up to adequate levels in your system even with high dose supplements. As sunlight is reduced this time of year sunbathing for many in NZ isn’t an option as it gets too grey and cloudy in the winter months.

Vitamin D3 is just as important for immunity as vitamin C, some research shows it is even more important. We use either a liquid form or a spray form that is better absorbed faster. This needs to be a part of your armoury with viruses and bacterial infections of all types, not just Covid-19. Contact me if you want access to the better brands cheaper.

Vitamins C and D combined are brilliant at giving your system that kick it needs to help ward off immune infections of all types including Covid-19, but if you actually get Covid-19 then you do need to seek professional advice as several immune boosters can be detrimental if you get deep lung infections that can cause the “cytokine storm” where the immune system over reacts to the virus and can attack the lungs and all mucous membranes requiring expert medical help and often hospitalisation.

Do not keep taking immune stimulators if you get a bad chest infection without professional advice please! Vitamin C is the only exception to this.

What most people don’t know is vitamin D3 is a potent fat-soluble immune stimulator. You can only get small amounts from foods, larger doses from sunshine which is now becoming harder to get, and from supplements.

If you get sunlight safely over your body it takes at least 4-5 hours before the vitamin D produced in reaction to the sun in the dermal layers of the skin to fully absorb. If you shower within that 4-5 hours with body soap you wash all of the vitamin D produced on the skin down the plug hole! So best to wash with warm water only no soap that day of sun exposure, then wash with soap the next morning to allow the vitamin D produced in response to the sun to be properly absorbed.

Over-the-counter vitamin D3 is often poorly absorbed in tablet form and can be a waste of money. We use a new practitioner-only liquid form or a sublingual spray, which is easy for kids and the elderly to take, and has the best possible absorbency. It is best taken with meals that contain fat in it, like fish or nuts and seeds or flax, chia, or olive oil. I recommend at least 1,000iu daily for kids below age 10 and 2,000iu daily for those below age 14 or under 40kg. In adults up to 5,000iu daily in winter or more if over 90kg or you have immune compromise like a history of colds and flus in winter, or a diagnosed disease like diabetes, arthritis or cancer.

I can get a blood test done for you to find out your exact levels via Lab Test for under $50, the beginning of winter is the best time to get this done. If you want the best vitamin D3 for you contact me via text.

Use vitamins C and Zinc to build immunity over a few weeks

Vitamins C and Zinc are also potent immune builders and require only hours for vitamin C and a couple of weeks for Zinc to build up in your blood stream. This is more important for those with poor diets like teens and small kids as well as fussy eaters and anyone who has elevated work or home life stress levels.

I recommend the Metagenics Meta Zinc & Vitamin C powder which is easy to get into kids and can be added to water or smoothies or any liquid of your choice to boost the levels quickly and easily. If you don’t have a Metagenics account call me and I can set one up for you, it’s easy. Dose is children 4 to 8 years ¼ metric tsp 1 x daily in liquid or sprinkled on food of choice; Children 9 to 13 years ¼ metric tsp TWICE daily as above; Adults & kids over 14 ½ tsp 2 x daily as above, if you have an actual cold or flu or immune health issue you can safely double this dose.

Deficiencies of vitamin C & Zinc combined can increase susceptibility to colds and flus and impact the production of T & B lymphocyte production, and reduce the activity of the Thymus gland producing Thymosin that helps fight all infections in the body. So the importance of these nutrients can’t be over stated when it comes to immune health at this time of the year. Start dosing now and give yourself a head start!

What about vitamin A?

Lastly Vitamin A is specific to protecting all mucous membranes, especially those in the chest, lungs and sinuses. To help prevent chest infections avoid heavy dairy products in your diet like cheeses and ice creams as they stimulate mucous production. Getting enough vitamin A from carrots and carrot juice as well as supplements is really helpful to combat this, best done professionally as you can overdose on preformed vitamin A, but not easily on beta carotene from carrots.

If you want more info or to place an order contact us now on 09 282 3588 or email david@hhc.nz subject line “help my immune system”. Texting me is always the fastest way to get me.

If you haven’t had a Winter Wellness Check up please book one in and I will assess you for your immune nutrients and give you a plan with foods and drinks that will help boost you up over the cooler winter months.

David is doing a Covid-19 special for $95 you will need to fill in a form and book this time, it only takes 45mins and can be done remotely.

Book Now or text to 0274 837 188 / or leave a message on 09 282 3588

Let us help you

David is doing a Covid-19 Consultation special for only $95. It only takes 45mins and can be done remotely.

To book now, text to 0274 837 188 or leave a message on 09 282 3588.

David Holden

Senior Naturopath & Nutritional Biochemist

David has over 30 years of experience in Natural Medicine and Natural Therapies to help YOU! He trained in 3 countries spanning 12 years after training as a Scientist/Technician in Microbiology & BioChemistry with the National Health Institute in Wellington in the 1980’s.

By David Holden, Naturopath & BioChemist

Yes its that time of year when Christmas and the New Year is a distant memory and when we look down – oops! Its time to set the wheels in motion to do a weight loss plan that will not only get rid of excess fat round your middle, and the upper thighs, but also a time to look at how we can make some permanent changes that will help us keep the weight off once we have got down to where we want to be.

In my 30 years of full time clinical practice I have used 3 main weight loss programs and all of them had issues, either expense, time consuming or just plain difficult. With the advent of Dr Michael Mosley’s “The 5:2 Fast Diet” all these issues go out the window! His plan is good, it works because it is based on science. As a science nerd I like that, as it is quantifiable, and we can prove it works with the VLA testing that I do as a part of my new 2020 Weight Loss Plan package.

Importance of the Thyroid in weight loss especially in Women

This plan includes a copy of the book FREE as well as 3 sessions spaced out 2 weeks apart so over 6 weeks you see me 3 times – first session to do baseline Antioxidant testing and Thyroid testing to make sure this is OK. If it isn’t then we need to help restore your Thyroid back to normal correct physiological functioning.

In my experience over many years most GP’s completely miss low thyroids especially in women, as they depend on a simple blood test which doesn’t give all the info needed to accurately assess thyroid function. The thyroid is extra important in helping relay chemical messenger info from the pituitary gland deep in the brain to the ovaries. If the thyroid isn’t functioning properly, ideally at optimum, it will sabotage all efforts to lose weight. It is rather like a car wheel spinning in mud, lots of noise but no motion.

Balancing the thyroid isn’t that hard when you know what you are doing, but it can take a few months to get it right. This is an extra cost (mainly the supplements & herbs) that is not included in the special price offer we are giving you today. But as thyroid is SO important it is vital we tick that box or you won’t lose the weight you want to. If you suffer from tiredness in the mornings, mood swings tending to depression, hard to lose weight and irritable and out of sorts that time of the month for the ladies then suspect thyroid and you will be correct almost all of the time.

So once we get the thyroid regulated then we put you on the Fast Diet where you limit your calories to 500 per day for just 2 days a week for Women and 600 per day for Men. These 2 low cal days as we call them need to be at least 2 days apart. This does 3 things; it trains your brain to accept smaller meals as a norm; it shrinks the stomach so you are satisfied with less on your normal eating days AND it sets you up for getting used to feeling lighter and less full. All of these help re-program your brain into accepting less calories on a regular basis which makes sticking to a healthier diet that much easier after you have finished the diet when you have reached your goal weight.

Age need not be a barrier to weight loss, my elderly mother (bless her she is no longer with us) went on the 5:2 Fast Diet when she was 85 and lost 8 kg in 8 weeks! So if she can do it anyone can. I have used this plan myself and with at least 50 patients in the last year with GREAT results! So I know it works which is why I am offering a money back guarantee!

During the second and third sessions I recheck the Thyroid scores, Antioxidant Scan to make sure you are eating the right foods and getting all your needed nutrients and I redo the VLA test. This accurately tells us exactly how much fat you have lost to 2 decimal places and it breaks down the numbers to fat and ATM muscle. ATM is one thing you don’t want to lose if you can avoid it as this is what keeps your fitness up and improves immunity. I talk you thru it so you get what is the best diet for you, your body type and your age and ethnicity as all of these need to be factored in. So as you can see it is not a one size fits all type plan.

This is one reason why it is so successful, so much so that I am offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! If you pass a simple AK test that tells me if you have stuck to the plan and not cheated and in the unlikely event haven’t lost at least 5 kg then I will refund your money no further questions, but we will ask for the book back!

So what are you waiting for? Call  09 282 3588 or email and book your first weight loss session today before we sell out of the books or the offer expires at the end of this month.

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