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Written by David Holden on December 4, 2020

The Positive Side of the Covid-19 Pandemic Part 1

An essay to get you thinking!

By David Holden, Alternative Medicine Practitioner,
Health Activist & Inner Change Consultant

Yes folks! There is a positive side to the global pandemic sweeping the planet and altering nearly all its inhabitants’ lives, unless you live under a rock!

There is so much mis-information on the internet, social, mainstream & alternative media about covid, its origins, whether it exists or not, as well as the ongoing debate about the benefits or harms of masks, to have a mandated covid vaccine or not, even if it works or causes harm and whether it is linked to 5G or not.

Then there is the whole debate about Trump and his relative inaction on covid in the USA. Why is he holding back? And is there any validity to his stance or is he just in denial because it doesn’t suit his political agenda? Is Q-Anon real, a hoax or just another CIA / NSA black Psyop?

I don’t have enough information at this time to offer a more informed view on the latter, but the former I have already stated my views on publicly, as these are important questions that not enough journalists are asking. As a free open society, we should be alarmed at this and question the mainstream narrative on these subjects. Rather than being debated they are being shut down. Why? Is there something to really hide here, or is it all just a waste of time and let’s get on with vaccinating the world and moving on from covid?

In summary for those of you that haven’t read or seen my previous articles or radio / internet interviews I’ve done over the past 6 months on the above subjects, I’ve concluded, after many hours research spent in lockdown:

  • The virus does exist, it has been genome sequenced, I have seen the data on it, so sorry David Icke but you are wrong on this one. (He may be right on many other issues though, don’t get me started, how many hours do you have?) David ‘the dot connector’ Icke is actually a very smart intelligent man who has a right to be heard whether you believe him or not.
  • The virus was not spread by bats in Wuhan province in China, cross species transfer can take generations, far longer than the timeline being mooted by the mainstream.
  • Covid-19 was manufactured in a US military bioweapons lab, one of the largest and most advanced facilities on the planet in Fort Dietrich, Maryland USA, where other human infective viruses were also manufactured (HIV, Sars, Mers, etc). This raises issues of who would do this and why? The oxymoron of military intelligence!
  • The most commonly used PCR test (nasal or throat swab) to detect the virus has unusually high levels of false positives (and negatives) so is not reliable and all the figures on https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ are inaccurate and deliberately being boosted to make the spread of the virus look far worse than it is.
  • The more accurate blood test is expensive and takes days to get results not hours like the PCR test which is why it isn’t being favoured by governments around the world. Are we sacrificing accuracy for cost and timeliness? Is this wise or is there a bigger agenda playing out that wants to make this ‘pandemic’ look far worse than it really is?
  • Deaths are being recorded for people who tested positive to covid within 48 hours of death, regardless of the actual cause of death. https://truthcomestolight.com/johns-hopkins-study-explodes-covid-death-hoax-its-re-labeling-on-a-grand-scale/ US hospitals get paid more if deaths are recorded as covid related so they skew the statistics. These are logged as being due to covid when the vast majority of deaths were WITH the virus not BECAUSE of it! So, the death figures are wildly inaccurate also. Why? Who is behind this? Who could profit from this? Follow the money folks . . .
  • Masks do control spread of the virus as they capture aerosols sneezed and coughed and are well researched to stop normal influenza & colds. So masks do contain spread but are totally unnecessary outside in public spaces with sunlight (UV) that destroys all viruses within seconds of exposure or in the outdoors with wind. Masks are best used in confined spaces with lots of people around who are unknown to each other like hospitals, public transport, airport & transport hubs and anywhere that people congregate in large numbers when the virus is active, not all the time. Air conditioning can also deactivate this viruses if it is strong enough and is well filtered and maintenance is kept up to day on them.
  • Social distancing is overrated and in and of itself does little to control spread unless it is at least 5 meters not 2 as commonly used.
  • Some of the proposed vaccines like the Moderna one funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have questionable technologies in them (Hydrogels, Transfection & mRNA transcriptase – gene altering technology) that have NEVER been used before with zero testing on animals or humans; we would become the mass experiment. More info on www.StopWorldControl.com . This video raises some alarming issues that should concern you especially if you are a parent and have school ages kids.
  • Is this unproven new gene tech safe? I don’t think so, not yet anyway. Its ability to permanently alter human DNA as an untested technology is unknown and we should err on the side of the Precautionary Principle* like we should with all new technologies like 4G, WiFi & 5G which also lacks independent scientific testing & scrutiny.
  • Even the WHO now states clearly that the fatality rate of covid-19 is way lower than previously thought. Originally it was believed to be over 3% now it is proven to be around 0.6%. This is way less than most all influenza outbreaks in the last 120 years other than the much-referenced Spanish Flu in 1918, that killed over 10 million people relatively quickly compared with covid-19.
  • The real figures show only 3% of the population get very sick from covid. 99.4% of them recover completely. So factually covid isn’t much worse than a bad flu for a minimum 97% of the global population. What’s all the fuss about? Is it just power politics fed by misinformation at play? Why has the WHO & UN changed its tune on this virus so many times? It sounds like a bad Hollywood movie, but its real.
  • 5G has no actual proven link yet to covid-19 in that the two are separate technologies but their commonality is they are both man made. But again lack of testing and secrecy over how it is being deployed is active fodder for conspiracy theories and some of the science does back up arguments against microwave digital communications technology.
  • There is however significant evidence that some of the symptoms of over exposure to EMR from all digital communications technologies, like 4G, WiFi, not just 5G, is harmful and many of the signs and symptoms of this over exposure mimic symptoms of covid-19. Despite industry attempts to cover up and brush under the carpet concerns many scientists, engineers and doctors are speaking out about their health concerns on WiFi & 5G.
  • No sufficient health studies have actually been done on 5G or WiFi so the precautionary principle* should be our default position to halt the international roll out of all new microwave communications technology until more sufficient non industry funded research is conducted and it is proven beyond doubt to be safe. We are not in that position presently unfortunately.
  • Trump lost the election pure and simple and Ardern won ours by a landslide, get over it and move on whether you like the results or not Donald.

*The Precautionary Principle is a scientific understanding that new breakthroughs in science & technology & its applications should err on the side of caution until we know with detailed, commercially independent, scientific testing if it really is safe before it is uncontrolled & rolled out to the mass market.

‘There’s no smoke without fire’ used to be my mantra on conspiracy theories, but over time I am starting to doubt the validity of some of them, while confirming others because of the science and what the benefits of hindsight has taught us as a species with the moving target that is covid-19. We have had less than a year’s experience with covid and the indications are it will be with us for some time yet, even with a successful safe vaccine which currently is an unknown.

Think about it. Covid targets the elderly, the infirm and all those with co-morbidities like obesity, diabetes, cancer, CVD, auto-immunity & elevated BP. These groups make up 90% of spending on Health in the Western world. This is starting to sound like a designer disease to wipe out those who are a huge drain on health systems around the planet. And from where I’m coming that’s exactly what it is!

Vaccines need a bare minimum 2 years to assess their benefit and given past controversies over triple vaccines, especially MMR, DPT & Twinrix – the Hep A & B vaccine & others that are known to have higher reaction rates than single vaccines, we need to be super cautious.

Orthodox medicine has covered up much of the negative press on vaccine reactions that span years after the injections, and are very hard to trace back to the originating vaccine because kids are being given so many these days. In Alternative Medicine circles vaccines are increasingly being seen as a significant contributing factor in the increase of weird neurological diseases like MS, PD, ALS and Autism spectrum disorders & some cancers.

More research needs to be done and this is being inhibited by medical authorities around the world because of vested commercial interests within big pharma and organised medicine that are making HUGE profits from vaccines.

Another major concern is the mRNA transcriptase technology in the new Moderna, Pfizer & other covid vaccines. This is a brand-new technology that has potential to permanently change & harm human DNA in ways we know little about. It is effectively genetically modifying humans by vaccination. I personally don’t want to be a guinea pig for that tech and neither should you unless you have a death urge or want to be a part of a huge uncontrolled experiment.

By my brief summary of facts above that are not being exposed in the mainstream media there is real reasons to be concerned. Why isn’t this information being discussed more openly? Why are posts that do try to discuss these being shut down so quickly to stifle debate?

As more information comes to light and as we learn more about how the covid vaccine stacks up we will know more, but until then we would be wise as a species to use the Precautionary Principle as a safety valve. This is not to say that new evidence will not change my mind on the above, it might, and I am open to changing my view if enough scientific evidence warrants it.

But I am firing a warning shot that these new technologies coming thick and fast may not be all they seem. We thought planting gorse and introducing possums was a good thing over 100 years ago in NZ and look what happened. This vaccine has the potential to be far worse. Gorse and possum’s, we can eradicate if we want to, and not with Glyphosate & 1080 either (that’s another story don’t get me started!) but once your DNA is altered, you can’t unscramble an egg.

I don’t want to be a conspiracy denier or a conspiracy theorist, rather a conspiracy factualist. Science deals with facts and absolutes and on the above issues there are many non-scientific assumptions being made, especially the human reactions physically, emotionally & psychologically to what we are all experiencing and how the media portrays what is going on. This has the hallmarks of a classic CIA / NSA / Mossad Black Psyop. I think we need to tread very carefully . . .

The facts do show us that we are seeing unprecedented (yes that word again!) censorship on the internet via Google, You Tube, Facebook and other mainstream media like CNN, Fox, BBC World, Sky TV, TVNZ, TV3, Radio NZ and others that should know better. Any subjects like the ones listed above have been banned. This is the modern equivalent of public book burning like the Nazis did in WW2. Is there a similarity with Nazi Europe that we are seeing playing out 75 years after the supposed end of WW2? Is the Nazis Eugenics agenda of WW2 being repeated but this time with needles, fear & deception instead of bullets, bombs and zyklon B gas?

The one world globalist view that the mainstream narrative is presenting as being ‘the sole source of truth’ by our beloved PM should raise eyebrows and get us thinking rather than accepting without question the validity of what we have just consumed in the media whether it be social, mainstream or alternative. Critical thinking is what is needed here before we jump to conclusions. Using the Precautionary Principle is the wisest course of action until we know more or better.

That aside I want to discuss the positives as I see them when discussing these issues with patients that visit me with very real anxieties about what they are reading and seeing, and friends and family are talking about, around covid. Given the media is deceiving us and the facts around statistics don’t stack up we have good reason to be concerned. This is normal.

Part 2: Staying healthy during Covid, mainstream media, and hidden agendas.

Article written by David Holden
David Holden is a Specialist in Naturopathic Oncology & a Nutritional Biochemist who runs a private independent clinic on Auckland’s North Shore. He originally trained as a Microbiologist & Biochemist with the National Health Institute in Wellington in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s then jumped ship and trained in Alternative Medicine in 3 countries (NZ, Australia & USA) spanning 12 years. He has written many articles and booklets on health & healing and can be reached on 09 282 3588 or via text on 0274 837 188 or email david@hhc.nz (but if you email please text or phone message him to give him the heads up you have emailed as he gets a lot of emails and may miss yours if you don’t let him know ahead of time). You can visit one of his 2 websites for more info on him and his clinical practise: www.HoldenHealthCare.com and www.DavidHolden.co.nz or visit his Facebook pages www.Facebook.com/HoldenHealthCare

One comment on “The Positive Side of the Covid-19 Pandemic Part 1”

  1. Excellent information. It is so wonderful to know that I am not the only person who believes we (the whole world) are being conned! My late paternal grandmother (died in 2004 aged 99) was a very wise woman and she always said it wouldn’t be guns, bombs or war that would kill of man. It would be a disease but, one that was created by man!

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