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Written by Admin on January 28, 2016

Accumulated EMF’s are damaging our DNA sequences!!

Yes I know this is a bold statement but I had to attract your attention somehow!

But there is more truth to this statement that most people realise. Seriously, increasing EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) are becoming a significant health issue as they affect all of us to various degrees of sensitivity. If you are EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitive) then, like the Canary in the cage, you will notice EMF’s before anyone else in the room does. Such people with increased sensitivity are often the first to feel a change in energy levels and fatigue factors when surrounded by high intensity digital devices in enclosed spaces. The effect is fairly quick when your personal bank of exposure is pushed to the upper limits as most urban environments are now doing with more people. This has become such an issue that the Swedish and German Governments were the first to legislate 10 minute rest periods from exposure over certain levels every 50 minutes in 1999 as mandated by EU law!

The UK and USA / Canada are also looking into their very high thresholds for ‘toxic exposure’ as being too high with new research and new applications revealing dangerous changes in healthy tissue at significantly lower levels than previously known with the use of more intense microwave frequencies from multiple modern digital devices. Wi-Fi is one of the worst offenders!

EMF’s are a wide range of frequencies used by digital TV, radio, cell phones and other digital devices. Microwave transmission is the transmission of information or energy by electromagnetic waves whose wavelengths are measured in small numbers of centimetres; these are called microwaves. This part of the radio spectrum ranges across frequencies of roughly 1.0 gigahertz (GHz) to 30 GHz. These correspond to wavelengths that vibrate tissue giving heating effects. What most people don’t know is how well studied these frequencies are. Microwave has localised heating effects which are well know as it is used in microwave ovens, but they are also used as weapons by most military on the planet since the Nazi’s & the Brits in WW2 in the 1940’s. Cell phones and other digital devices work off of microwave frequencies as well as other band widths for radio and digital TV, broadband and ultrafast (fibre optic) internet.

Wi-Fi is particularly damaging and is best turned off at night so the body can rest away from intense fields of any type other than natural radiations from the Earth and space, some of which are in themselves harmful to many people. These naturally occurring frequencies are not microwave but can be measured with modern sensitive equipment and are well known to cause a myriad of health issues. These exposures can be tested for and I have asked Marianne Stobie, Senior Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Nutritionalist now working at HHC to use the EMF’s testing program on her QXCI Quantum Scanner which she is now doing as standard with all my referral patients since the beginning of 2016. When you get a routine retest she will add this program to all future reports so you can see your accumulated exposure over a wide range of frequencies.

X-rays and Ultra Sound used in medical examinations are also damaging to varying degrees, though modern machines produce far better images with less radiation than ever before and it is getting better with each new generation of equipment. Mammograms are a major source of ironically cancer causing radiation. Thermograms aren’t. I will be blogging about the differences in future articles on our new upgraded website as well as on our new FB pages:

As recently as 200 years ago we had zero exposure to EMF’s on planet Earth other than naturally occurring radiations from the Sun and from outer space. Nowadays we are bombarded by hundreds of sources especially if you live in a modern urban environment from man-made sources that are just as if not more harmful.

Modern research has shown that over exposure to these frequencies can cause not only sickness but electro-sensitivity as well as brain and neural cancers if the exposure is long enough and intense enough. It is well known in the Wellness Sector of HealthCare that there have been hundreds, most likely thousands or people worldwide who have died from complications caused by over exposure to EMF’s but because no ‘official records’ are kept as to the effects of EMF’s until very recently in the EU and North America, it hasn’t been well documented as yet. Time will tell as more technology saturates the market and more people are increasingly exposed with more devices from earlier ages.

I have been researching this area intensely for the last 20-25 years as the technology has become more pervasive. We have seen more growth in EMF electrical powered devices in the last 50 years than ever before in human history. The impact has been significant on our lives and now we are recognising there is a health price to pay for prolonged exposure in uncontrolled environments. The first article I wrote warning of the implications of cell phone use if held up close to the brain 20 years ago has been well proven over and over with newer more recent research as more people own and use smart phones that are connected to the internet using Wi-Fi.

I have a short list of 5 things that you need to do if you wish to minimise your exposure to dangerous microwaves, especially to unborn and small children and teenagers who tend to overuse technology as a barrier to the outside world and ironically increase their commercial invasion of their head space. Electronic addictions are a well-known treatable condition in South Korea and now Japan, Taiwan & China as well as the USA and the EU.

David Holden’s 5 “MUST DO” tips to reduce your EMF exposure are:

1. ALWAYS turn off Wi-Fi at night. You want to sleep in as close to a Wi-Fi free zone as much as possible so your sleep is deeper and more restful. Household cordless phones are up to 3 x worse than cell phones! Recommendation – get rid of them or replace with safer options – ask us next time you are in for an appointment.

2. Never leave devices of any type charging close to your head and body at night. Charging an ipad / tablet or a cell phone under a teen’s pillow while sleeping at night so they don’t miss any calls or texts is stupidity of the extreme!

3. Limit any calls on cellphones to internet surfing, texts and speakerphone calls only, NEVER hold a transmitting / receiving cellphone for internet use or calls to your head for longer than 30 seconds. Hot spots form very quickly that heat the delicate neural tissue in the brain causing temporary cell paralysis and eventually cell death. This energy accumulates in intense spots at high intensity exposure (e.g. where the aerial is on a cellphone will concentrate the microwave to that area specifically if held there for more than 2-3 minutes). The longer the exposure the more penetrating and damaging the exposure is until it eventually becomes permanent).

4. Always use an EMF protective pouch if carrying a cell phone in a pocket in clothing on your person or a close handbag or manbag. (Available inexpensively from our new store – synthetic ones for less than $50 ranging to leather ones for under $70).

5. Get your home (especially where you sleep) and where you sit working if at any one place for long periods of time, tested and checked by a Health practitioner or Electrical Engineer who has the correct testing equipment and knows how to use it. I am now offering this service for Auckland based patients by arrangement only.

I will expand on this area with patients who request it at their next consult as I have some charts and books that I can show those interested that can teach you how to protect yourself if you are EHS or have a major immune challenge as EMF exposure could be a causative agent in your condition.

Yours in Health & Happiness,
David Holden


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4. Visit one of the best sources of free unbiased info on a range of health related subjects:

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Article written by Admin

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