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Written by Admin on September 23, 2015

Cancer: A Transformational Healing Experience by Greg Villers

I am writing this article to increase people’s awareness that this condition (cancer) is a very complex one and must be approached as such. The most successful outcome is likely to be achieved through a multi-disciplined approach investigating all aspects of the person’s psyche and their holistic history. In investigating all factors, one can begin to identify the causes. Treating cancer at that causative level allows for a greater likelihood of true healing to take place. I make no claims of being an expert on this subject. I do claim a great passion for helping people to find the most effective means of treatment that will provide them with the best chance of overcoming this condition.

Whilst investigating the causes of cancer and trying to find ways for people to heal themselves the following points appeared relevant:

There are many factors to consider in treating cancer. In order to achieve the optimum results with this condition, I believe it is not sufficient to concentrate exclusively on healing the physical body. There are a myriad of factors that influence the physical body, i.e. stress, emotional traumas, diet, attitude (does one have a positive or negative outlook on life) etc. All of these affect the body’s ability to maintain a state of homeostasis, or biochemical balance. When the biochemistry of a person is upset then the body is vulnerable. At such times mutated encodings within the cellular structure may begin to gain a hold over healthy cells and allow a cancerous march through the system.

I believe that a significant part of cancer appears to be an accumulation of unresolved fear issues over the course of a lifetime. If this fear is allowed to remain unresolved it may create disturbances within the body’s energy fields and the physical body itself. Then eventually this dis-harmonic energy may cause a breakdown in the body’s ability to maintain an optimum state of balance or homeostasis.

The power of love

It is said the opposite of fear is love and when a state of love exists within the person then the immune system is more likely to be enhanced. I believe a key factor with this condition is; lack of love of self and indeed it is felt cancer can not exist in an internal environment of love. Fear manifests in many different guises such as doubt, low self esteem, poor self confidence, anger, and many others. It is generally accepted that if an attitude of fear is maintained for any length of time, there will be a breaking down of the immune system’s ability to cope with any harmful threat. The immune system is your most powerful ally in maintaining an optimum state of health. It is constantly eradicating potential threats to the well being of your cells. When it is compromised then there is more likelihood of physical problems occurring.

Louise Hay in her book “You Can Heal Your Life “ describes cancer as a disease caused by deep resentment held for a long time until it literally eats away at the body. I witnessed this first hand with my own mother who was a beautiful caring lady but after her death (from cancer) I looked back on her life and could clearly see the resentment she held at her life circumstances. This combined with many years of smoking cigarettes provided a fertile environment for the proliferation of cancer cells. Whilst there is a genetic history of cancer through my mother’s side of the family, it still raises the question of “why didn’t all of her sisters develop this condition if it was simply a matter of genetics”. Obviously there are many other factors involved and we will look at some of these in this article.

When a client with cancer comes to see me, a comprehensive case history is taken to help to identify any causative factors that may have induced a fear response at some stage of their life, i.e. a traumatic event, or possibly some form of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual). There may be a history of repressing anger, frustration, or resentment, indeed any unexpressed emotion allowed to fester for long enough will create an “energetic disturbance” within that person. There may be fear-based patterns or belief systems “taken on” from one of the parents that must be cleared. Where there is a genetic history of cancer, this “energetic disturbance” (unexpressed emotions etc ) could be a trigger to cause the body to lose its ability to prevent the cancer cells from beginning their invasive march.

The big wake-up call…

When one is diagnosed with cancer, it would be more beneficial for that person to view the diagnosis as “their big wake up call”, i.e. either resolve the issues that have set up the environment for this condition to manifest or one will face an uncertain future. As a therapist I would be inclined to say the following……“The journey you embark on to clear this condition is an exciting adventure that will see you discover who you really are. You are being gifted the opportunity to come out the other side as an empowered individual, healed, and aware of your ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.” This automatically provides another reality other than the fear of the “big C”, Cancer. The very mention of the word causes our body to react as evidenced by the use of a simple kinesiology test, more commonly known as muscle testing. With this test, the person being tested holds an arm out to the side and resists a downward pressure from the person doing the testing. In this instance the “testee” will be thinking or verbalising the word cancer. What will happen is the muscle will not be able to maintain a locking response and will be pushed down with little effort. This happens as the body reacts to the “fear vibration” associated with cancer. If the word love was used then the muscle would register a strong locking response. There is an energetic resonance i.e. an individual signature energy that identifies each condition, and the energy of cancer is incredibly dis-empowering and tiring for the person with it and often for those associated with them.

A cancer diagnosis is generally seen as a death sentence by the subconscious mind. It is imperative that this negative aspect be cleared as a priority to clear the way for a successful outcome. Until the subconscious mind is programmed to work for you, all attempts at being healed are likely to be sabotaged by an underlying belief system of, “I have cancer, people die from cancer, therefore I’m going to die”. Many people when told of this diagnosis may well go into a state of shock. Whilst this is a natural reaction, it must be addressed and dealt with as quickly as possible to allow the person to start the healing process. To remain in a state of shock for too long is dis-empowering, at a time when the person needs to be making some informed/ powerful decisions such as “where do I go from here” and “what are my options”. All aspects within the person’s “armoury” will need to be drawn upon to fight this battle and this means ensuring the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves are all in accord and working to support the physical body to rid itself of this life-threatening condition.

Then importance of counseling

When such a traumatic event enters one’s life then counseling is an integral part of the healing process. The diagnosis of cancer will invariably involve a period of grieving. During this time the person may experience many states including shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. The grief process is natural and healthy and it is important to allow the outpouring of emotion in a positive way to allow for the clearing of any unresolved issues. A multi-dimensional approach to healing incorporates counseling as well as all other aspects that need to be addressed to give the best chance of a complete healing.

An unshakeable belief in one’s ability to heal oneself must be cultivated and maintained during the healing journey. All aspects of doubt and fear that arise as one tries to maintain this attitude are simply the parts of one that are presenting to be healed. These need to be viewed with compassion and cleared with the help of a skilled healing facilitator. As these belief systems and sub-conscious programmes are removed, they are then replaced with new empowering beliefs and programmes.

Sometimes a belief system of “I have nothing to live for” can be identified and while the person is running such a programme it will be very difficult for them to heal themselves, as all attempts to heal them self will be undermined by a feeling of “what’s the use? ”. Until a reason can be found to live, then the absolute passion for life that is necessary to overcome this “condition” can not be cultivated. Indeed the people who successfully navigate this journey tend to be those people whose passion for life outweighs everything else.

You have to convince your immune system why it must destroy this marauding invader (cancer) to allow you to go on living. Realise very quickly that positive thoughts felt with a passion will create a chemical response that will enhance your immune system and strengthen it in its fight to restore health and harmony at a cellular level. A thought of “I choose life” felt and expressed with passion is more likely to invoke a positive healing response than “what have I got to live for?”, or “what’s the point?”

Finding your true voice

It is important to understand that any thoughts or beliefs that don’t “affirm” who you are, are more than likely not your own. They are more likely to be other peoples projections, and society’s often negative conditioning which we have accepted as truth. This raises a very important point if you are to bring your thinking into line with your intention of being healed. That is, which “voice” do you let run your life? The voice that creates doubt and fear and prevents you from finding and achieving your “hearts desire”, or the voice that is positive, loving, encouraging, and always affirming who you really are. One voice is working for you and identifying itself with its highest potential, and the other is aligning itself with its lowest potential and will always be working against you.

When you realise that you can choose which voice will control your life, you will have taken a giant step to claiming your power back. You then are more likely to take responsibility for being part of the creation of your condition. If you accept that you have the power to create a condition that can kill you, then surely it follows that you have the power to dis-create this condition and create something better. Once you have come to this understanding you are then empowered to begin healing yourself.

A question that needs to be asked early on in your healing journey is, “why do I want to live?” If you have a reason to live you are more likely to have energy for life. In point of fact if there is a subconscious programme running that is not supporting your unequivocal desire to live then this must be removed and replaced with all the reasons why you want to live. To give it more impact it would be even more powerful to state all the reasons “why I must live”. If you put all your attention on the reasons you must live, you will undoubtedly find ways of supporting your new belief system.

It is very important to know what options are available to you once you have received your diagnosis. Once you have all the options you are then in a position to make an informed decision on what approach you will take to this challenge. You may choose to follow the medical model and this may involve surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. These can have side effects that you need to be fully aware of before going down that path. You may consider following these orthodox treatments working alongside a suitably qualified complimentary healing practitioner. This would be someone who is trained in natural methods of reducing any harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy thus making these treatments far more tolerable.

Taking the power away from cancer

We have given so much power to this condition, that it threatens to swamp us. With statistics currently showing one in three people developing a form of cancer it would seem to indicate that the billions of dollars currently being spent by medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies for the all-elusive cure, could need to be reviewed. Indeed with cancer increasing rather than decreasing it would indeed seem prudent to channel some of this money into investigating different approaches and testing the efficacy of some of the less conventional technology that is available and being utilised with varying degrees of success. e.g. Rife machines, Quantum Boosters etc. One can only wonder what might eventuate if funding was available to further develop this technology. But it is not just about technology, it’s about investigating all avenues concerning this condition.

This would involve working on all levels of consciousness including conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious (super-conscious includes your higher mind which operates outside the limitations of your conscious and subconscious minds and has access to all the knowledge of your Spiritual Self). In addition any unresolved emotions or negative belief systems must be resolved or cleared. An example of a negative belief system might be a belief that “I’m not worthy” which may have been caused by being told “you’re useless” by a family member or peer as a child. Such a belief system creates a sense of low self-worth or low self-esteem and can perpetuate a cycle of abuse as that’s all the person thinks they deserve. Cancer could be one such form of self abuse.

When it is time to let go

If it is the destiny of the individual to release from the physical body through this condition, the journey will not have been in vain as much will have been released during the healing process. Often the cancer “explorer” will experience an outpouring of love from family, friends and even acquaintances as these ones are faced with this person’s mortality. The benefits of this outpouring of love are not only felt by the person diagnosed with this condition, but much healing can also result for all those involved with this individual. As these ones explore their own response to the possible imminent demise of a loved one, they may sense the need to heal any unresolved issues between them.

(Explorer; according to Chambers English dictionary means “to search or travel through for the purpose of discovery: to examine thoroughly”) Any words that dis-empower a person such as “cancer victim” are avoided.

If it is the individuals time to die, then the healing journey if properly explored will have brought them to a deeper understanding of their spiritual essence and a recognition that in releasing the physical body at death, the greater part of who they are lives on. They will have reached a place of acceptance of their situation and feel content that they are not leaving any unresolved issues behind them. They will have reached a place of inner peace.

“It is important to explore the issue of death in order to decrease the fear around it. In so doing the energy for living life will increase as you shift your less healthy beliefs around death and dying to healthier beliefs that will free you from your fear. In the main, society’s way of dealing with death is denial” The Healing Journey, by Dr Carl Simonton.

The fear surrounding cancer needs to be addressed by all those involved with the person’s healing and an incredibly positive, and supportive living situation is an absolute must. Any fear projected towards the afflicted person will only serve to hold them in the very energy that has allowed the condition to manifest. All those family members involved may need to be counseled on how to create the most positive, happy, loving environment to facilitate an optimum healing.

Identifying secondary gains from illness

Another issue that may need to be addressed is, “what are the secondary gains of your cancer”? It may shock some people to think there could be a positive aspect to having cancer, however among other things, cancer can allow you to say “no” to yourself and to others in regard to things that you don’t want to do. It can allow you to say “yes” to important parts of yourself that you have previously denied. Cancer can bring you love and attention from others. With cancer, limits and rules become suspended; all of a sudden there may be great freedom to refocus your life in many different ways. This need to change the focus of one’s life is perhaps the great message of cancer. It is certainly one way of shocking a person into making changes. (Dr Carl Simonton, The Healing Journey)

Laughter is an important tool in increasing the body’s ability to achieve healing. Laughter causes the body to release endorphines (the feel good chemicals) which help to affect positive changes in our mood. The story of Norman Cousins is a prime example of this. This person healed himself of a life threatening illness by using mega doses of vitamin C (under proper supervision) and filling his life with as much humour as he could. He was too busy being happy to be sick and this created an internal environment that allowed his body to heal itself. His story can be read in his book titled “An Anatomy Of An Illness”.

A positive mental attitude is a must, as the chemical response to these positive thoughts is one of life enhancing chemicals as opposed to the toxic chemical release due to negative thinking. The elimination of negative thinking from the mind set of the cancer “explorer” must be one of the first considerations when beginning treatment of this condition.

The multi-dimensional approach

Whilst it is possible to “cure” a person of cancer through “cut and burn” treatment, the optimum approach needs to be a multi-dimensional one to allow for true healing to take place. In the words of Janet F Quinn, Ph.D. R.N., Professor of Nursing at the University of South Carolina, “Curing may be conceptualised as the elimination of the signs and symptoms of disease. Typically people enter the health care system when indicators of illness can no longer be ignored. The signs and symptoms will be treated with medication, or if the signs and symptoms are severe enough, hospitalisation will ensue. If, after a certain course of treatment by surgery and\or drug therapy, the signs and symptoms no longer exist, then we can say that person has been cured.”

If however the energy pattern that caused the immune system to fail in its ability to destroy the cancer has not been cleared then the possibility exists that it could return.

“Healing leaves in its wake a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and empowerment. Curing does not. Healing considers our uniqueness. Curing does not. Healing involves surrendering control of our inner and outer experiences. Curing involves an attempt to control our internal and external environments. Healing promotes wholeness, an uninhibited expression of natural rhythms, and unprovoked forgiveness. Curing seeks to label the effects (not the causes) of disease, place blame, and give explanations and excuses for undesirable experiences.” (The twelve stages of healing by Dr Donald Epstein)

According to Dr Simonton in The Healing Journey, “Cancer is a message of love”. He says, If a significant part of the cause of cancer is trying to be who we are not, then healing cancer involves opening to who we are”. He believes that cancer is a message to stop doing the things that bring you pain, and start doing the things that bring you joy, things that are more in line with who you are and what you want your life to become.

The importance of an effectively functioning immune system

One theory of cancer, called the “surveillance theory”, says that we may in fact get and defeat cancer many times during our lives. The body develops abnormal cells, but the immune system destroys them before they multiply enough to be dangerous. But if our immune system is depleted by stress, our defenses fail and cancer develops.

The thymus tap is a simple yet effective way of stimulating the immune system to function effectively. This is done by tapping the thymus gland with the fingers to the timing of the heart beat i.e. lub dub, lub dub. The thymus gland is situated behind the upper half of the breast bone, in the centre.

In these times environmental influences pose many threats to the physical body amongst which are distortions of the earth’s magnetic field, extraneous electrical fields, breakdowns in the ozone layer, chemical smog, polluted water, toxic waste, etc. Add to this the excessive herbicides and pesticides in the food we eat and one can see that the physical body has a lot to contend with. Consider also the de-natured state of the food we eat which places even greater stress on the body’s ability to maintain a state of homeostasis. It is now of great importance to use high quality supplements such as ionic colloidal minerals, anti oxidants which include tumeric, grape seed extract, pine bark and Co Q 10, essential fatty acids derived from pollution free salmon, to name just a few.

There is no magic cure for cancer as can be evidenced by the fact that most methods of treating cancer having varying levels of success. I believe that a greater percentage of people would have more success if they had access to the modalities that were right for them. Surely the health and well-being of the patient must be the primary concern of health professionals. Is it not time that a health system that embraces all ways, is now created?

One of the reasons I believe there is no “magic cure “ for cancer is the complexity of the condition. If we could develop a health care system that embraced all aspects of the human being, then the appropriate methods for each individual could be offered to them. This would necessitate an understanding of the different levels that comprise human beings that must be examined. These levels include physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and also an understanding of the human psyche. There needs to be an understanding by the medical profession and indeed all health practitioners of the mind/body connection, for without this understanding they will never be treating the “whole” person.

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Article written by Admin

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