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Written by Admin on October 15, 2015

Electro smog. A curse of modern day living!

With the increasing evidence over the harm caused by repeated use of mobile phones and cordless phones mounting, it is appropriate to look at this issue and ways of counteracting this problem. We are all aware of the damaging effect stress has on us. As we know it is one of the main causes of illness in today’s society. One of the all permeating stress factors of today is electro-smog, which is ever present. In fact it is impossible to avoid electro-smog in modern society. E-smog is known to cause acidification of a body through the manufacture of Free-Radicals. Prof. Dr Karl Probst ( Germany ) doing dark field microscopy with his modern mobile phone, discovered that an unprotected mobile cellphone, acidifies the body faster than anything else he has ever see in his 30 years in medicine. ( cancer cells need an acidic environment to be able to operate and grow ) Dr Probst, was also stunned with the degree of clumping in red blood cell testing that he carried out, after 10 minutes usage on his mobile.
“Man-made electro smog is a very serious threat to public health. Electromagnetic pollution is particularly insidious, since it evades recognition by our senses, encouraging the consumer to assume that he is safe and leading him to deal with the issue of protection with a substantial lack of urgency and seriousness.”
“Existing indications that the technology might possibly not be totally safe, is already being, and will continue to be, firmly ignored both by national and international control groups.”
“The publics concern is not unwarranted and the irony of the of the current situation regarding mobile phones and base stations lies in the fact that the current safety guidelines offer a higher level of protection for electronic instruments than they do to people.”
Increasingly mobile phones are being carried almost as a fashion accessory. We see them worn in chest pockets and with a lot of men, next to the groin. Their is a misconception that if our mobile phone is in stand by mode then it is not having an effect on us. Unfortunately this is not true. They are still emitting a low frequency energy which is interfering with our energy systems. Can this affect us? According to Denie and Shelley Hiestand in their wonderful book, Electrical Nutrition, yes it can. They state. ” All healthy cells in the body can receive and communicate vast amounts of information in the form of ultra fine electromagnetic vibrations. Along with vibrations in the natural environment (sunshine, for example) they shape all the body’s biological processes. Techniques such as acupuncture and homeopathy have shown that a communication block between cells, rather than biochemical disorders, is often the cause of illness. From this point of view, the increasing concentration of artificial waves in the environment is bound to cause problems. Radio, radar, and microwaves effectively ” jam” the exchange of information between cells and so may provoke illness. As the body is an electrical reality, every aspect of every function is an electrical transmission, an electrical communication. To compromise ( jam ) any of these electrical communications is disease.”
Electrical devices and electrical currents are a fact of life for us all which is bad news for the increasing number of electro-sensitive people. An ever increasing number of health problems are being attributed to electro-smog, in particular mobile and cordless phones.
We are the first generation in the history of mankind that holds a powerful microwave transmitter up to it’s head on a regular basis sometimes for hours at a time. Are we going to see serious consequences of excessive use of mobile phones in years to come, especially leukaemia and brain tumours? According to one of the worlds most competent experts on electro smog, Prof. Dr. W. Ross Adey, we are. ” I certainly can’t give the all clear” he stated.
Scientists have found evidence linking brain cancer with mobile phone use. It was found that users who spend more than an hour a day talking on a mobile phone have a close to one-third higher risk of developing a rare form of brain tumour. Most frequently the cancers were found on the side of the head that the user held the phone up to. (Mercola article, International Journal of Oncology Feb 2003)
Cell phones transmit pulses of microwave energy, instead of a continuous intensity of waves. It is believed that these pulses of energy are more damaging than continuous waves, because they hit the head in small bursts, creating a puncture type of impact.
“Mobile telephone manufacturers were allocated a certain frequency range to carry their mobile phone signals. This range lies exactly in the middle of those frequencies which vaporise human and animal tissue, used in medicine for the radio-therapy treatment of cancers, and very near to the frequency utilised in microwave cookers. The medical world knows full well that the frequency on which your mobile phone operates is a much more effective one for killing human cells – both cancerous and healthy – than the frequency used for radiotherapy. They do not appear to be in too much of a hurry to inform us of this fact!” ( Dr David R James.)
How many of us have experienced our head heating up on the side we are holding the phone? Obviously this can’t be good for us, yet we continue to use them without thought of the consequences to our long term health. It is not enough to rely on the fact their is no warning about these devices therefore assume they must be safe. We each must take responsibility for what we put on and in our body’s and if their is the slightest doubt about something that may have the potential to be harmful, then surely it is better to err on the side of safety! This is especially true with our children and the increasing reliance on mobile phones being an acceptable means of communication whenever they want to talk to their friends. The recent Telecom ads encouraging the use of the new generation mobile phones has to be of concern to parents. The new G3 mobile phone operates at higher frequencies, 1900 and 2200 MHz as opposed to the older digital phones, 900 and 1800 MHz. What the long term consequences of these higher frequencies is, is yet to be determined. However for young developing brains to be subjected to such an energetic bombardment at close range has to be a concern.
The increase in the usage of new technology mobile phones is growing at an astonishing rate with the introduction of camera phones and so-called smart phones. Recent statistics show that there are 1.7 billion mobile phone users globally. Today there are more mobile phones in the world than there are fixed connections and wireless telephony is growing six times faster than traditional telephone use. ( Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila ) That is a lot of extra electro smog bombarding our body’s. The human body is an exquisitely sensitive electrochemical and electromagnetic instrument and appears to be vulnerable to interference by the type of radiation emitted by cell phones. Cordless phones are also of great concern as the energy put out by the receiving station alone is enough to compromise our health and well being. The hand unit and receiving station are always trying to communicate with each other and one authority in Germany has stated that cordless phones emit the harmful EMF waves of 6 cell phones. That is truly disturbing considering the number of cordless phones in use today.
Am I suggesting that we shouldn’t use mobile phones or take advantage of the benefits of modern technology? If it is at the expense of our health then yes I am! Fortunately we can can have the best of both worlds as the technology now exists to counteract the effects of electro smog, specifically with mobile phones and cordless phones. A German company has recently released a small ” protective foil chip” which is easily installed by the user and totally neutralises the harmful effects of mobile and cordless phones. Having undergone extensive scientific testing, the efficacy of this product has been well established. It works using the energy field surrounding the battery to get its power. It then creates a signal, which is an exact opposite of certain Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) waves, which are not necessary for the desired communication, but are harmful for your health. Based on the principle of destructive interference the German chip acts to erase the harmful pulse modulated digital information signal, which is superimposed on the emf ( electro magnetic frequency ) wave. The danger is the addition of the 2 waves, which causes ionisation in the body. ( negative ions are good for us unlike the positive ionisation that occurs here ) Whilst their are a number of devices on the market that purport to stop the harmful emf waves, if they did that according to Dr David R James, then their would be no phone signal.
With modern technology running rampant in today’s society, it is becoming increasingly important for each of us to safeguard our well being. We were never intended to suffer the bombardment of electrical pollution we are are currently subjected to. The fact that our body is in the main able to withstand this onslaught shows what a marvel of creation we are. Unfortunately not all of us have the same resilience and one can only wonder about the accumulative effects of exposure to electro smog. It is in our best interests to utilise the most effective technology available to neutralise the most harmful technology and ensure our health is not compromised.
Massachusetts scientist Dr Kenneth Rothman stated his research indicated main public concern was motor vehicle collision rather than a link to brain cancer. He notes that one study found that the risk of a car accident was 4 times greater when the driver was using the telephone or soon after a call and that heavy mobile phone users were involved in twice as many fatal road accidents than light users. In addition, use of hands free units was no less risky than holding the the telephone to the ear with one hand while talking. (Lancet 25th 2000)



Article written by Admin

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