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Looking after your Liver Health in Springtime

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Liver health in Spring

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seasons are each associated with a particular organ system, and the Liver is the organ of Spring.  We tend to feel quieter and less active during the winter months but with the arrival of spring we should begin to feel re-energised and more alive.

Healthy liver energy is strong, decisive and free-flowing – the type of energy you need to set goals and motivate yourself to achieve them.  If your liver is unbalanced or sluggish you will feel irritable, depressed and lack motivation.

Poor liver function symptoms

Some other common signs your liver energy is out of balance:

  • Pain and tension in the muscles of the upper back, neck, shoulders and jaw. The muscles rely on the smooth flow of liver qi to nourish them, when it stagnates it tends to rise upwards along the meridians of these areas.
  • An increase in headaches which tend to be located at the top of the head or the temples, again due to the rising of liver qi.
  • Friends and family are on eggshells around you due to your moodiness! When liver energy is unbalanced you will feel irritable and agitated. The little things can cause you to explode into anger, or dissolve into tears of frustration.
  • Aggravation of allergies especially with the symptoms of itchy red eyes, itchy skin rashes, and watery eyes and nose.
  • Bloating after eating and constipation alternating with loose stools. Hard pebbly stools can be a sign of longer term liver imbalance.
  • Women may notice PMS symptoms aggravated – more fluid retention, breast tenderness and emotional sensitivity. Stagnation of liver qi can cause periods to be more painful, heavier or clotted.

If you are suffering from any of these springtime patterns your body is crying out for a course of rebalancing treatments from your acupuncturist!

What we can do for your liver health

Visit Katherine Barley at Holden HealthCare; she will assess your liver health using Traditional Chinese Medicine methods, and offer a programme of acupuncture and lifestyle routines to put you back on track.

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