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Written by Admin on October 15, 2015

The incredible power of your emotions and your mind! By Greg Villers

The importance of our emotions can not be underestimated. When we have a deeper understanding of how they affect us, we can use them to help in our healing and creating a better life for ourselves. In addition, no treatise on the subject of the emotions would be complete with out understanding the power of our minds in affecting our emotional reality.

For so long emotions have been something to be kept under control and a perception of weakness has often been associated with an emotional display. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The suppression of our emotions is one of the fastest ways of setting up an energetic disturbance in our bodies. Emotion = energy in motion, and when an energetic disturbance or blockage occurs within, we are then at risk of creating dis-ease, cellular damage, etc.

Disease can be healed if we are willing to change the way we think and believe and act! (Louise Hay )


Incredible examples of healing have been attributed to the healing power of the emotions. A prime example is American author, Brandon Bays who shares her amazing story in her book” The Journey”.She tells of how she completely cured herself of a football sized tumor, by exploring the layers of emotion associated with the tumor and completely resolving all issues around them. The book shows the role our emotions have in creating the reality we experience and an effective way of changing that reality.

Emotions are now recognized as having a sound scientific basis. Dr Candace Pert in her book, Molecules of Emotion states, “For me the key concept is that the emotions exist in the body as informational chemicals, the neuropeptides and receptors, and they also exist in another realm, the one we experience as feeling, inspiration, love-beyond the physical. The emotions move back and forth, flowing freely between both places, and in that sense, they connect the physical and nonphysical. We know that the way health occurs in the physical body has to do with the flow of the biochemicals of emotion.

“My work has taught me that there is a physical reality to the emotions.”

The body becomes the battlefield for the war games of the mind. All the unresolved thoughts and emotions, the negativity we hold on to, shows up in the body and makes us sick.

The power of the mind to create, is without dispute one of our most powerful allies. Unfortunately for many it is more like an enemy as we have not learned to control our thinking and the negative and fear based thought patterns that we create, result in a reality that we do not want. Correct thinking aligned with powerful emotional energy can truly change your life.

This being the case then it is obvious that the way we feel is going to have a major impact on the health of our physical body. It is widely recognised that negative emotions create harmful chemicals in our bodies and that positive emotions create uplifting, feel good chemicals. Any feeling sustained for a period of time is going to produce the corresponding biochemical reaction with resultant effect on the body.

What it means to be anti-depressed i.e., happy. According to Dr Candace Pert, “happiness is what we feel when our biochemicals of emotion, the neuropeptides and their receptors are open and flowing freely throughout the psychosomatic network, integrating and coordinating our systems, organs and cells in a smooth and rhythmic movement. Health and happiness are often mentioned in the same breath and maybe this is why: Physiology and emotions are inseparable. I believe that happiness is our natural state, that bliss is hardwired. Only when our systems get blocked, shut down, and disarrayed do we experience the mood disorders that add up to unhappiness in the extreme.”

If it is true that happiness is hardwired, what is it then that causes our systems to get blocked and shut down? It is the thoughts we think and the emotions and feelings we create that are not of happiness, love, positiveness, etc. One set of thinking ( positive ) leads to physiological harmony, well being, and good health, the other ( negative ) leads to the opposite.

Ever notice when the flu is going around how someone who is positive, happy and motivated, shrugs it off. It just doesn’t get a look in. The immune response to their positiveness is to grow stronger. The person who is negative, emotionally fragile, and lacking motivation is the one who “catches” everything going around. Vibrationally ( we are all energetic vibrations ) like attracts like. “Which way do you choose to vibrate”? It is empowering when we realise the choices we make on how we think and feel, determines what we attract into our life. Emotions, directed by our thoughts have the ability to create the reality we are experiencing in any given moment. Knowing this we can then choose to take responsibility for our state of health and well being?

Lyn Grabhorn in her book “Excuse me your life is waiting” says, it only takes 16 seconds to link up vibrationally to whatever we’re focusing on. Only16 seconds of pure, focused thought, good or bad, negative or positive. In that brief time we start to vibrate on the same frequency as whatever we have been emotionally thinking about, which means we’re ripe for attracting that thing if we keep it up.” That is incredibly empowering as it shows we can alter the circumstances of our lives through learning to create the emotional response to draw what we want into our lives.

How does this work? By using the power of your thoughts to imagine ( image in ) what it would feel like to have for instance, unlimited money and be debt free. Think about what this would allow you to do and how it would feel to be able to do these things such as, take holidays when you want, buy your loved ones expensive gifts, donate to charities, sponsor children, and whatever else is important to you. What is the feeling that elicits? By getting into the feeling space of joy, happiness, and the freedom that allows you, you then begin to magnetise those things to you. The Universe works to precise and exact laws to provide whatever we believe we can have and our emotions are the driving force behind the manifestation of our dreams and desires. Our thoughts and emotions create the feelings. As we hold the emotions, and experience that wonderful feeling of having what we want, it then moves those things into our lives. If you can see it, believe it and feel it, you can create it.

We can apply the same principles to our health and well being i.e. Whatever physical challenge we might be experiencing, if we choose to see ( power of thought ) ourselves as being in perfect health, and feel the emotion of what that is like, we then begin to feel differently and create a different reality. Is this denial of the apparent physical reality that you are experiencing? Absolutely. It is an essential part of you overcoming your illness. Whatever you focus your attention on, you will continue to draw into your life. Identify with your illness and you give it power. Is it difficult to think about being well and in perfect health and not deviate from that thinking when you are faced with an apparently entirely different reality? Yes of course. Their would be fewer more difficult things to contemplate. Is it possible? Absolutely, but in order to do it we must control our thinking and not have it control us. Our choice of what we focus our attention on determines the end result.

Author Gregg Braden, tells a story of a woman in a non medical healing hospital in china who is lying on a gurney hooked up to an ultrasound machine with an an image of a 3 inch cancerous tumor in her kidney, up on a screen. Standing around the gurney are 3 healers who are simply holding a picture in their minds of the woman being completely healed. They have an unshakable belief that she is completely healed and in perfect health and are chanting a word that means those things. As they continue to watch the screen, the tumor begins to vibrate and dissolve and is completely gone in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. There is no scarring left on the kidney. They then clap, give thanks and say, next patient. To them it is a natural occurrence. To us it would appear to be a miracle. I believe their is a latent power within all of us that allows for these “miracles” to occur. To begin to work with the power of our mind and emotions is a powerful step in the direction of understanding our own tremendous healing and creative potential.

“Molecules of Emotion” by Dr Candace Pert.
“Excuse me, your life is waiting” by Lyn Grabhorn.
“The Journey” by Brandon Bays.
“The lost mode of prayer” by Gregg Braden
“You can heal your life” by Louise Hay.

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